Saturday, May 2, 2015

Woman of style - Soccer mum

SIA popped into Mosura in the Eastwood Centre today. That's where she met today's women of style. 

As you may recall, SIA has a Korean clothes fettish which she has been feeding in Sydney's Eastwood. That's not the cutesy girly pretty Korean loot, rather the clean lined sporty oversize pieces in the vein of Stella or Wang.

SIA took some photos of pieces she liked and this coat was one of them. 

It's a bonded fabric like you see often in the stores these days. Think scuba feeling with a matt surface. 

But unlike most of the current cocoon coats which expand at the belly, this baby was an A line shape. Flattering. 

The edges were raw, enabling SIA to see what a bonded fabric looked like inbetween the inner & outer layers. 
Here is the photo...Ok, so it doesn't show much. What SIA saw was a layer of foam inbetween the black & grey outer layers. Yes, foam. Think Clarke Rubber. 

Then SIA toddled off & had lunch. Then she did another lap.

That's when she noticed a lady trying on her coat, LOL.
So SIA had to go in & talk to her.

The lady was today's woman of style (WOS). 

Here she is with SIA's coat. 

Our WOS was at soccer in the morning - so she is a soccer mum!

Our WOS was wearing Nine West riding style boots, khaki Uniqlo leggings, a taupe fine sweater, a taupe/cream scarf and (the piece de resistance), the Gucci "Lady" bucket bag in the gold (which is actually a duller & more burnt than Hermes orange). Her jewellery was simple but SIA did notice the rose gold ball bangle. 

Gucci bamboo toggles in black - oh so modern

What did SIA like about our WOS's look? 

1. Ah, everything. 
2. The simple styles of her pieces.
3. Her use of solid neutrals - they are all different colours, but tone well beautifully. Then she adds the coat which introduces a new colour (grey), and everything still looks harmonious. 

TIP: Dressing in neutrals means everything goes with everything. It's the cheapest way to dress and at the same time, it looks infinitely classier than colour & prints.

4. Her use of one colour that adds pop to the look & one print just to liven things up a touch. 
5. She is rocking high-low dressing.
6. Everything was in fantastic condition. She may have been on a wet soccer field that morning but you absolutely couldn't tell. She looked pristine.  No scuffs, no hanging threads, no stains.  

Our WOS showed SIA that this is how you hold these bucket bags. Frankly, SIA would believe anything this women said. Sure enough, that was definitely a cool way to show off your bub. 

Our WOS did buy the coat & SIA has a feeling it will work well with everything in her closet. 

Then something happened which SIA lives for. 
Our WOS tells SIA that she is looking for another bag. She has narrowed it down to two and wanted an opinion.

#1 The Bottega Veneta Hobo

#2 The Prada Twin Pocket Tote (I think this is the alternative, if not, hopefully our WOS will read this & correct me)

All I could say to our WOS is the Bottega has an understated luxe factor. Prada is more coveted but also more common. SIA suggested Bottega, but our WOS didnt seem convinced. Which means her heart is going out to the Prada. 

I'll leave you with three questions: 

Do you love our WOS's look? 
Are you a basics girl with a touch of accents? 
And are you team Bottega or team Prada? 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Most women shop out of desperation


The alternative title for this post is “But I want it because it has pockets”


I go to the shops because I need an affordable cosy long line cardi with pockets for around the house. It’s getting cold after all.   

In Target I notice the AW 2015 coatigan version (above in blue) – every colour under the sun in this style. With pockets. Woo Hoo.

I try it on. It fits. The colour is nice. I buy it.

But it’s a disaster. On me.

They eye goes straight down to those pockets and my hips & thighs are the last thing I want to bring attention to.

So why did I buy it? A combination of:

It was affordable
It was functional
It was available & so reasonably on trend
It looked nice on the hanger
It had pockets
It’s late & I needed to buy something otherwise the shopping trip was wasted.

Most importantly though, I was afraid that if I didn’t buy this cardi, I won’t find anything similar within a reasonable amount if time.  

But I have options.

1.    I can buy something more expensive (but on sale) which looks better.

2.    I can buy another style which doesn't have pockets patched at the front. The pockets can be hidden in the side seams or placed vertically.

3.    I can find a colour blocked version where the pockets are almost invisible.


4.    I can hold off until the right thing comes along.

You always have options when you want to avoid having a closet of half baked pieces. If you have even the vaguest doubts, think of your options & pick one. If you can't imagine the possible variations, then go to option #4. Instead of the loot in front of you. 


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Style is not about money

Negative Nelly reminds me that this look costs a lot of money. Often Negative Nelly doesn’t know the brands featured but she assumes they cost a lot of money. Negative Nelly says she cant achieve this look as she doesn’t have the money for designer duds. Negative Nelly also claims that she doesn't have the time to achieve this look. 

This look has nothing to do with money.

I’ll repeat that. Because it’s important.

This look has nothing to do with money.

So what does this look have to do with?

To name a few qualities,  

Attention to detail
Meticulous maintenance
Good grooming including hair colour & style
Intimate knowledge of one’s style preferences, body shape & colouring
Perfect fit
Perfectly invisible foundation garments
Not paying attention to trends (unless they speak to you)
Quality over quantity
Head to toe consistency

I won’t go on about simplicity because that’s about personal preference.
Whether you are into “more is more” or “less is more”, the outcome will be just as chic, as long as you "get" the above list.  

You can do this look at any price point and exude the same image, style, look.

However you do need to invest time to make it happen and that means making your image a priority. If you choose not to make your image a priority, that's OK  too - different folks, different strokes but don't Negative Nelly me simply because it's not your priority.

By the way, the bag & shoes are Valentino and I am sure the dress is reasonably expensive too.

So yes, the individual items may be expensive, but I will insist til the day I go to the grave that this look has nothing to do with money.


If not, I’d especially love to hear your reply. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Interview musings with Kirstie Clements

Yesterday I attended the Kirstie Clements book launch. This post in no way attempts to cover what went on there, but there were a few things said about interview clothing which I thought were worth mentioning. And so the scene is set.....

The scene was the posh upper level of the cinemas at Westfield Parramatta.

A white stage with two seats, a Dymocks stand without Dymocks branding and a hand full of small round tables with bar stools.

About 15 women guests were there when I arrived.

Paula Joye was going to be interviewing Kirstie Clements about her new book on working in the fashion industry.  The book covers entry level positions to many rungs above that.

After the interview, three beautiful models, poster girls for the slick pony tail, twirled around for us wearing "interview appropriate" clothing.  The looks were from Veronika Maine, Saba & Witchery.

Paula did commence the session with the comment that the book wasn’t just about fashion jobs – it was about the butcher, the baker & the candlestick maker.

And so my contribution comes into play.....

Those three looks would never get anyone hired in the conservative sectors of law, banking, accounting and finance in general.  I can say that with 100% confidence after many years of hiring in finance in Sydney's CBD.

Kirstie queried whether my reasoning was that the looks were too sexy. No, it’s not that. They are just too fashion forward & their silhouettes are very different to what the other 99% of candidates would be wearing in those industries.

Specifically items like:
·       the flowy cape;
·       the open toe slingback boots (accountants & the like, just do not understand seasonally confused shoes);
·       a deep vee low neckline (perhaps it depends on what job you are going for);
·       a coat placed resting over the shoulders or a blanket coat

First, these three looks are too fashion forward for interviewees in the conservative sectors of law, finance, banking, accounting where they are going for technical or client facing roles. Marketing roles in those firms, yes, fine. 

As for the coat over the shoulders, to “editorialise your look”, they mentioned that it looks fabulous & it’s easy to take off during an interview as you don’t have to mess with sleeves etc.  That’s only part of the story.

Think of it this way – you reach out to shake the interviewer’s hand with your right hand, holding your resume book with your left hand. What are the chances that coat is going to slip off? Pretty high. Pretty embarrassing. 

Secondly, at the very least, in a conservative sector interview, you wear a jacket (not a coat, unless it’s a blizzard day) & YOU NEVER TAKE IT OFF DURING THE INTERVIEW. EVER. 

Why? A jacket not only covers any messiness underneath (blouses, bra straps, boobs, yes that’s a lot of potential messiness), but gives you more presence & authority than ANY other piece of clothing can ever give you. It makes you look smarter, more experienced, more mature and more credible than anyone not wearing a jacket.  

What about executive levels? 

You can add half a zero to the spend on any of these looks and you have appropriate executive looks even in the conservative sectors, although I would qualify that when it comes to seasonally confused boots & low necklines.

CBD girls - image issues

As part of this discussion, Kirstie mentioned how the CBD girls just look horrid (that’s my word; she is far too refined to say it so bluntly). But she specifically mentioned the different shades of black suits & I added the peek-a-boob, the chipped heels & the VPL.  Yes, those girls definitely need image makeovers. We understood each other. 

Unfortunately the stores are too busy pushing product now rather than focusing on relationships by providing wardrobe building blocks to customers. Sad but true. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

10 Ways with a black cat on Black Friday

Animal print = classic

A LBC is a forever piece

Because the street is your runway


It's all about accessorising

Love is a black cat

Sometimes a leash isn't the best accessory

Because knees can be a focal point

If it's good enough for Lanvin....

AW 2009


Happy Black Friday.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Country Road - why it deserves to stay at the outlet

Just a few lovelies at the Birkenhead Point Country Road/Trenery Outlet today. 

It's mid January 2015. 

It was very busy and the cash registers were ringing. 

By the looks of these, Style into Action has no idea why.    

Pale colour, wide leg.
Not for reproductive types or petites.
Those D rings go along way
to adding bulk to your tummy too.

Chinos with many waist pleats & narrow ankles.
Fabulous for pears. Not. 

Top marks for a confused dress. 
And your body parts have to sit in the
right places inside the confused dress.
That's assuming you can
figure out what the right places are. 

The kicker is that neon limey yellow shade.
Flatters very few. Ambulance please. 

A stretch denim body con dress. In theory a good idea.
That's why there was only one left. 

I am white & I make things look bigger than they are.
I am boxy & oversize and I hide your shape &
make you look bigger than you are. 

Why dont you want to buy me? 

This one is wearable & timeless.
 That's why there was only one on the rack. 

Rows & rows of bias hem ruffle skater skirts.
Even if you have good legs, these will
make you look heavy in the hips faster than
you can say bias ruffle hem skater skirt. 

More bias hem ruffle skater skirts.
Even in black they can't sell them. 

The midi, with gathers at the waist, in white,
in a rayon which creases like nobody's business.

A well known Sydney blogger wore this.
How would this not sell, I ask? How indeed.

Take a basic white tee shirt & tart it up with
fluted petal sleeves to make a buck. 

Crimes against basics. 

Grandpa collar shirts with ruffles all over. In pink.
Who signed off this design? Oh dear.  

Oversize boyfriend jackets in the
softest least flattering fabric known to man.
You can hide under these. So can your figure. 

My favourite.
The oversize sweaters. In gold metallic & silver coated.
Something for every complexion.  

I didn't see these in the shop. Thankfully.
Soft bombers which round your shape.
With a drawstring around your tummy/hips. 
Lovin' all that roundness.
In a lary orange. Good oh.

The shapeless dresses. With rounded shoulders.
How could you not look fatter & shorter in this? 
That was the look we were going for, wasn't it? 

The interesting dresses. Which no one buys.
At left, the kaftan-y sleeves - guaranteed
to add bulk up top. 

At right, the shift which is armourised with quilting.

Could be a jacket or a coat. But it'll fit you,
your family & all your friends. At once.
Gotta love the oversize boxy trend. 

This one surprised me. Navy linen pinstriped trench.
I thought the finance geeks would be all over it.
It's a bit heavy, otherwise I'm stumped. 

A true treat. Not only oversize, but very soft.
Will cling to all your lumps & bumps &
show them off with pride. 

Let's assume we all love pink.
This is a shirt dress which is so fine it
shows everything underneath.

The batwing sleeves are a bonus - guaranteed
to make you look fatter & shorter.  

External shoulder pads on a chambray dress.
An elastic waist with a one in a million chance
of landing anywhere near your waist. 

Are we surprised there are quite a few of these in the photo? 

Zoran called from the 80s & wants his shirt back.
So much 80s structure for such a soft lame fabric. 

Silk tees with high necklines & oversize
raglan sleeves.
Design perfection. 

Lots of sweats in a boxy batwing sleeve.
Or is that a dolmain sleeve? 
Same thing, one bad weight loss concept. 

Racks of chunky sweaters in
wool blends but which look 100% acrylic.
Guaranteed to love the clearance sale. Always. 

Boxy shifts. Some even with
high rounded collars & rounded sleeves.
Otherwise just oversize with hem detail
to bring the eye downward.

If I hadn't seen it...

PS: You may have some of these items and they may flatter you. That's terrific. Please not that this post is general in nature and is discussing the majority not the exception.

Don't forget - if it's on the sale rack, it's because no one wants it.