Friday, September 28, 2012

Fitted for Work - a day in the life of - Market Day photos

Yesterday I posted about the preparation we did for the Fitted for Work "Market Day".

The Market Day happens on the last Friday of every month and is a bargain basement sale of all the donations we have received which weren't work appropriate.

Because we only accept items in great condition, the quality presented is well, great. There were many new items too, with tags attached. 

We typically have many local and overseas designer items, most of which we sell for $10-$20. Today, brands included Alannah Hill tops for $10, Sportscraft dresses for $10, a Morrissey dress for $10, Jigsaw items (many), Verge (NZ brand) & TS14+.

The local high street brands sell for around $5 a piece. Today we had brands like H&M, Zara, ASOS, Witchery, Sussan, Events, Cue, Veronika Maine and Kookai.

Occasionally something truly special will be priced at $20-$30. We had a Versace Signature silk shirt, a Max Mara Italian jacket and a Michael Kors trench coat.

There was also a bargain bin for $2 that was overflowing with pretty things.

Finally shoes & accessories were priced to clear.

Oh & we also had lingerie, knickers at $10 & bras at $15 - all NEW. 

The sizes are very varied from 6s to 22s. 

First in best dressed at bargain prices.

Have a look at the following pictures....

A girl cant have enough shoes.
The lime loafers are Lauren by Ralph Lauren & NEW.
The red loafers are JP Tod's - NEW.
The blue suede flats are Italian - lightly worn.

The $10 rack.

The $10 rack & some of the $10 dresses.

The green sweater is Witchery (new). The rasberry dress is  a broderie  fully lined David Lawrence  with taupe grosgrain ribbon trim & binding on the neckline. Each piece is $10.
The RRP of the DL dress would be about $220. The RRP of the Witchery sweater would be approx $90.

Orange Witchery top & a chocolate frock which is fully lined. Each is $10. the RR{P of the top would be about $120.

Pure linen fully lined Sally Smith frock in the colour of the season - mint. Only $10. RRP would be approx $250.

Farage 100% silk shirt dress. $20 Still a bargain - RRP would be about $220.

Red/purple dress is Simona, RRP approx $250 & fully lined. The dress in the centre is a Charlie brown wrap, RRP approx $220. Each piece here is $20. 

An Events spotty dress for $5. The vintage purse is $10.

A "Hi There" by Karen Walker silk dress whose RRP would be approx  $180.
Our price is $20.

Lots of bling most at $5 per piece.

The $5 racks, jackets on the left, tops/sweaters in sizes 14+ on the right. 

More $5 racks, tops/sweaters up to size 12.

More $10 items including lots of cotton & linen dresses & tops.

Why should you go to the Market Day sale?

Because the prices are ridiculously low
& BTW, everything I have photographed was in imaculate condition, apart from needing a press.

For those of you that hate shopping & rummaging through sale racks, this sale is different because its not endless & exhausting and it isnt crowded - so you can take your time.

The change rooms are large, private & well lit with individual mirrors, so the comfort factor is high. 

We dont provide champagne, but we can provide a glass of cold water while you consider what will follow you home.

What did I buy?

2 x Calvin Klein knickers
& a Paula Ryan (NZ designer) jersey cardi in black with long ties (great as another layering layer)....

How can you help?

1. Donate clothing & accessories in good condition to Fitted for Work in your state.

2. If you have a few hours a month spare, volunteer your time to Fitted for Work.

3. Come to the Market Day sale on the last Friday of every month and do some retail therapy for a good cause. Because Market Day's are specific to each branch of Fitted for Work, details are not on the website - however keep reading my Facebook page & I will remind you as they come up. 

Fitted for Work - a day in the life of - Market Day

As some of you know, every Thursday I volunteer at the Fitted for Work office in Sydney's Parramatta.

A typical day....

Usually a typical day includes styling a few women who have made appointments with us - so they have an outfit for an interview or some mix & match pieces for a new job. To do this we sort through our racks of donations of career clothing to find & give the ladies clothing, shoes, bag, accessories which will suit their work roles. 

We also have make up ladies on hand who can do their face & their grooming to perfection. Finally we do a mock interview with the ladies to make sure they can answer   questions confidently and with poise. 

Today however was different. On the last Friday of every month, the boutique of career clothing undergoes a metamorphisis. The career clothing is packed up and the non career clothing is placed on the racks for a sale - we call it "Market Day". So we spend  time on the Thursday prior doing the switch over. 

What do we sell on Market Day?

The non career clothing/accessories comprise all the donations which were not work appropriate - the trendy funky items, the casual wear, evening wear, denim and anything else that wasnt business appropriate.

Today we had 5 volunteers who tag teamed beautifully to do the switch.

Some of us also did flyer drops in the Parramatta area advertising the sale. 

The end result was very effective - we arranged a terrific set up & the Market Day store looked gorgeous. Everything was ready for Friday.

But silly me, was so pooped by the end of the day that I forgot to take photos. So I am planning to drop in tomorrow (Friday) to take some snaps & perhaps pick up an item or three...since the proceeds are for charity, it's guilt free shopping.


In the mean time, here is the flyer for the Market Day.

Time: 11.30 am - 4 pm
Location: Fitted for Work, Suite 37, 70 Phillip St, Parramatta, 2150
Enquiries: 02 9635 9909
Please note the sale is cash only - no credit cards accepted. 


Monday, September 10, 2012


A while back someone told me that there was a FORMULA for STYLE.

This sounded strange - I had always thought of style as an ART not a FORMULA.

Until they explained.....

"Cheap, Fast, Good.
You can only have two out of three."

yeah, OK...please elaborate...

Generally, when buying clothing, accessories and homewares, you can only have two of those three characteristics. It's up to you to decide which two of the three you want.

1. If you want something cheap and fast, you will have to compromise on quality.

2. If you want something cheap and good, you will have to compromise on fast (ie: you wont be able to find it quickly - you'll need to take time to find it).

3. If you want something fast & good, you will have to compromise on price (ie: you wont be able to find it cheap).

It's very hard to find exceptions to this FORMULA. 

Does the STYLE FORMULA make sense to you?

I know that most of the time I pick good & cheap & I take my time finding it....

Which two elements do you normally go for?


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Today's Coles Mix haul

After getting my Visa stamped, today, I trecked from Parramatta vicinity to Mona Vale.

Where the heck is Mona Vale & can it BE any further away from home?

The only thing that saved me from getting lost (I have THE worst sense of direction on the planet) was that it was off the end of Mona Vale Road. I was familiar with MV Road because I use it to get to St Ives Shopping Village - a terrific shopping centre for girlie (international & Aussie designer clothes & accessories) stuff & homewares - the mini treck to St Ives has been done many many times bu moi so MV Road was embedded in my normally direction challenged brain.

& why?

The Coles store in Mona Vale was holding two fantastic white "placket shirts" ($19 each) in my size, the last two in my size in the Sydney metro area...they dont transfer & if I purchased on line, I wasnt up to the minimum ($50) for the free I spent $12 in petrol to get there...just kidding...hehehe.

I had recently written about these white & black) shirts at....

Funnily enough, I spent $76 in the store (no, not on groceries, $77 on Coles clothes) much for the on line minimum.

Coles note: I am more likely to buy on IMPULSE, IN PERSON rather than ON LINE. That's just me.
Wondering if readers are like me or are you the other way around?

On the way to Mona Vale I saw rolling hills & a  fantastic skyline of the CBD.

In Mona Vale, everyone seemed to be blonde, tanned & wearing shorts...& it was 7 pm.
I must have stood out as I am brunette, fair & wearing pants.

Clutching my purchases I took a photo in the centre - good lighting - clothes spread on the back of a bench & me standing on the bench - arial view.....

From left to right:

1. A red (cool toned burgendy) tee (for a friend) $5, on sale.
2. A white "silky" poly cami with back zip $19, & long enough to cover my bum & very Celine.
3. An orange/pink/white sleeveless cotton tee $15.
4.& 5. The two famous white shirts @ $19 each.

Haul total = $77.00
Divided by 5 items = $15.40 average price.
Pretty good, eh?

Postscript: The fact that I already have two of the same white shirts & a black one doesnt make me a hoarder.