Wednesday, June 25, 2014

10 Ways with a soft white shirt - Nina Proudman, Offspring

The shirt: Jane Lamerton, white, $100, at Myer

Reminds me of: 

Season 5, episode 4

1. Layering a bit of everything

The tassel plate necklace is currently available at Myer.

2. Pretty & delicate

3. Pearl girl

a) Classic pearl girl
Classic strand

b) Funky pearl girl
On leather, suede or rope, the boho tendencies come into play

4. Whimsical

The circle pendant is Kirsten Ash - Nina wore a few of these in season 4. 

5. Arty 

Maria Calderara necklace

6. Bold

Pewter from ebay land

7. Earthy

Perfume bottle with semi precious stones

8. Girly girly

French doll, sold at various bling stores

9. Modern minimalist

Ann Demeulemeester monocle necklace

Cheapie ball in silver/onyx.
Apologies for the butchered photo.

10. Curiosity 

11. Colour glam (SIA can count, but this one's extra)

Myer beaded necklace, available now

The fine print:

Some other options:

Jane Lamerton plain crepe blouse, now reduced to $55

French Connection cream blouse

Witchery batwing silk shirt

The take aways from this post are twofold:

1. If you want to copy Nina's identical pieces, then by all means be my guest. But most of it is past seasons & hard to track down. 

Stop wasting your energy on wanting the identical item & look around for pieces that have the same vibe & fall nicely into takeaway #2. 

The only thing you have to remember is that you arent going to build a Nina closet overnight or even during May - August. It takes longer to find things that work for you.  

2. Speaking of "work for you", logistics aside, make sure the look & the pieces you "MUST" have suit your height, shape, complexion, lifestyle & budget. 

Little Black Dress for Success

Two women
Different ages
Different body shapes
Different colourings

3 little words
1 big concept

Little Black Dress

From the date stamps on these photos, you will realise they are not quite yesterday's. They were taken at a Dress for Success dinner where a panel of high profile women talked about voluntary work that they had carried out and the benefits around that. 

Functions like that take alot of organising, most of which is done by volunteers. There is a dedicated fund raising committee which runs these types of events. Like clockwork. 

In addition, any other volunteers (who are not on that fund raising committee) can help out during the event. At this evening, the extra volunteers were selling raffle tickets, showing people to their seats, distributing programmes and anything else which needed doing. 

I was one such volunteer. Now there are some rumors that Style into Action is especially motivated by the free meal during such events, especially when held at the big hotels. These rumor have yet to be proven true. Yet. 

SIA also usually runs around with a camera at events. Because you never know what mischief you'll stumble into and recording it is especially fun. 

Here are her photographs from that event.

But I digress. 

Back to the topic at hand.

Three little words. 

One big concept. 

Little Black Dress.

Here is Robyn, a fellow volunteer. 

I have met Robyn previously because she tends to also volunteer on Thursdays in the showroom, dressing clients. I am there on Thursdays too. 

Have a look at Robyn's little black dress. 

Stunning, yes?

Not just the dress, but Robyn in particular.
Because that's what a terrific garment does for you - it takes the attention from it, to you. As Yves Saint Laurent said: 

 Naturally busy body SIA asked Robyn where she bought it, after all we were old friends, going way back. About a few months after all. 

Robyn said she thought it was Cue but that she had had it for a long time.

Let's break down why this works so well on Robyn. 

1. Robyn's figure has a rectangle shape. This neckline brings the eye upward & across. Perfect to take the focus away from the middle of the torso & up to her face.

2. Robyn's colouring is fair. Black near her face would be quite harsh. But rather than using a black substitute (like navy or charcoal), she lowers the neckline to reveal decolletage, which throws lightness around her face. Perfection.  

3. Since the top is quite stunning, the red pumps round it off nicely by balancing the top. 

4. Classic & chic accessories - pearl accents to fill the neckline & simple jewellery on each wrist. A perfect foil to a little black dress. 

Now, lets move to Vanessa:

Another little black dress, but with so much difference, yet equal effectiveness as Robyn.

Vanessa is all about curves. The reason she looks so fabulous is because she knows how to highlight them. 


I have forgotten the name of the brand but I think she said it was a store in Newtown (??).

What is it about this dress which positively sings on her?  

It's cut to flatter curves. It highlights her small waist (the bow is a nice way to do that too) & it has a perfect fit on her bust & hips. 

In fact, she did Robyn's trick - bring the eye upwards & outwards. The attention goes to her face & any figure flaws magically disappear into the background. 

The full skirt them balances out the top, creating an hourglass silhouette. 

The stars aligned as did girl & frock.

Her choice of black was super classy & timeless. 

Notice also even though technically it has a high neckline, as a busty girl, the mesh effectively acts as a low neckline & breaks up a large expanse of boob-land. It's perfect.

She also knows not to mess with the mesh - necklace not necessary here. 

This dress is also versatile - Vanessa wore it with a slick blow out, but because the back is beautifully low cut, an up-do would work beautifully with this too.  

Just as an aside - Vanessa is part of the fund raising committee - she was the point person on everything for this dinner. The evening ran like clockwork due largely to her efforts. 

Just some more about the frock and its ancestors...

If you are interested - of course you are....this dress was inspired by a Gucci SS 2013 (that's southern hemisphere SS 2013/14).

The Gucci has been worn by Emma Stone & (in magazine editorial), by Miranda Kerr. Good company. 

But what was also exciting is that Vanessa's dress was worn by Rebel Wilson, in the red version. 

You may notice that Rebel has a similar body shape to Vanessa & either she or (most probably) her stylist knows how to flatter it. Vanessa did this on her own. 

In this next photo, I am not quite sure what is happening with Rebel's petticoats though. I prefer the simplicity of Vanessa's number. 

So that's where we wrap up. 

I hope these two girls have shown you how it's not about the particular item of clothing. It rarely is. 

Rather, it's about how you wear the garment. If it fits well, it flatters your complexion and your body shape, then you'll nail YSL's mantra: