Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What I Wore: SIA loves Target spots & Milana animal

I love my clothes.

Even though I dont work in corporate any more and don't feel the need for designer loot, I bum around every day in really affordable pieces (read: brands like Target).

If I am meeting a client, there is also often one Target piece in the ensemble; because I like Target and it works well with high end stuff. I cant help it; I just like it. 

Today's ensemble was a total random. No planning. But it was the basis of a formula I use most of my casual days - boyfriend jeans, top, half tucked. And cute shoes. Always cute shoes. 

Top: Target, $49, polyfester with black polka dots.

Don't get me wrong - I love polyfester more than viscose/modal/rayon etc. These days it breathes & drapes well. Sure, you cant wear it in the height of summer, but any other time it works. 

The half tuck is key. Without any tuck I look sloppy & with a full tuck, my tummy just looks big. 

The reason I look sloppy without any tuck is that I bought the size to accommodate the girls on the upper half & so the bottom half is too big. 

I have seen this top on quite a few corporate girls, tucked into a pencil skirt. Always caught my eye.

Pants: Target Life & Style boyfriend jeans, $49

With subtle rips, I've found Life & Style jeans fit me well, so I buy everyone which they have made. This is the only one I dont have multiples of. Really like it, so wonder why. 

I also like the nautical trim on the turn ups. Subtle but nice. 

Belt: Witchery, $49

Witchery does a similar belt every season. This is a serviceable go-to. 

Jewellery: right hand

1. A pale grey leather scrunchie for wrists. Costume jewellery. 

2. A sterling bracelet from Attic in Woollahra; made by a woman who is Aussie but lives & works with silver in Bali. 

3. A matt silver sterling ring with a scare finish. $11 from Vinnies, last week. Engraved with "JH" but I am not sure whether this is the Asian inspired John Hardy as this doesnt look Asian. At all. 
Jewellery: left hand

1. Skagen watch, new from Vinnies Gladesville for $80. 

2. Men's rubber & stainless screw clasp bracelet, $10

3. Bean sterling bracelet also from Attik and made by the Bali women as bracelet on right hand, above.    

Necklace: Lovisa, sterling, $29

Despite the high neckline, the look still needed a necklace - it doesnt have to be fancy, just one layer to fill the neck space.

You can see it in the left hand jewellery photo. 

Shoes: Milana ballet flat leopard pony skin, $250

I bought these at David Jones a few years ago. I love the black grosgrain ribbon around the edge and vertically along the back.

These were what made the outfit a touch above "normal". What I mean by that is the print mixing. So much cuter than a black or navy ballet flat or loafer. 

You can get similar flatties anywhere and at any price point. Look around and I am sure you will find something you love. 


Animal & spots always mix well. Just make sure the prints are of different scales and have at least one colour in common. Here the colour is black but a dark colour "mismatch" like navy or charcoal could also have worked. 

A reminder that animal & stripes as well as animal & florals also mix well. Just keep to the rules of one colour in common and different scales. 

Animal also doesnt have to be leopard. It can be giraffe, zebra, tiger stripes, python, lizard or even dalmations. 

I can't wear camel animals near my face, but below the waist & certainly on my feet. I love leopard.

You may also notice that the polka dot top is a very sparse print. Almost to the point that it becomes hard to print mix it. That's why I exposed the tan belt with the camel/tan shoes - they help to pull the look together.  

Bag: I will introduce my bag tomorrow. She got a bit camera shy today. Actually I forgot to put her in the photo! 

What were you wearing today?  

Friday, November 13, 2015

7 Ways to Winterfy your Summer Maxi

This post will allow you to make do with fewer clothes but to have more options with those clothes.

It will do this by getting you thinking about winterfying your summer maxis.


So how about considering the following:  

1. Adding a long sleeve fitted tee under a floaty maxi. 

2. Wear a cardi with the dress. The cardi can be a dainty pointelle knit or it can be a chunky textured knit (think a cable or an aran knit). If you have a waist, add a belt to the chunky cardi; the belt can be thick or skinny. 

3. Add boots to the dress. Booties, toeless, over the knee, knee high. The trend for now is lace ups. Think ghillies or gladiators.

4. Turn the dress into a skirt by adding a top. Think liquid sequins, a tulip style, an everything happening knit.

5. Add tights to the dress. Either keep the tights plain & simple or make them jazzy, goth, opulent or loving the upholstery trend.     

6. Go boho - fringing, a vest, a skinny tie or a tan belt.

7. Channel the 80s with low denier hose and disco your heart out. 


Now off you go; explore your closet. 

Find some ways to wear your maxis which you never thought of previously.