Friday, September 27, 2013

10 Ways with Realistic Fashion Week Street Looks

1.Black & White

If the above looks cut you in half (ie: reduce your height), then wear one colour top to toe with the other one as the contrast

2.Single colour head to toe with a contrast topper

3. A striped tee

4. A pencil skirt

Just because midis are "in" doesnt mean your pencil needs to be below the knee.

Petities - you best length is no longer than the knee cap.

The next one caught my eye - apart from the fringing & the shoes, its totally conservative. 

Add jzooshy bits at your discretion.

5. Jeans

Pick you most flattering style & run with it. 
Runners optional, but must be clean.

6. Boots & a pencil skirt

7. A dress

Or a playsuit!

8. Statement pants

Whether its colour, print, shape or texture, statement pants still work.

9. The flirty skirt

The flippy hem is all the rage at the moment. If the pleats or flips are stitched down over the tummy (so they dont add bulk), this can be very flattering.

10. A sweater look

Absolutely no pilling please.
If you're petite, then skimming the body & no longer than hip length please. 

See? That wasnt so scary!

In fact, did you notice that conceptually, all of these looks are super easy to wear? Yes the details change from season to season, but "jeans" or "dress" or "pencil skirt" or "striped tee" are fashion constants.

Food for fashion thought.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

10 Ways with menswear at NYFW SS 2014

The moral of this post seems to be remove the socks.
And if you're game, add colour & print. 

1. Minimalist

2. Breton forever

Funky braces forever, coloured runners forever
& plaid shirt around waist forever

3. Chambray shirt & jeans

4. Corporate slick

Because no matter how many fashiony types there are,
 there is always someone running the joint

5. Relaxed corporate

Tie? Loosely tied
Socks? leave at home

Ties and socks optional for these guys

6. Fashioning up the sports jacket

Confidence city!

Quietly confident!

Those slipper loafers make this look

Where do we start? The scarf, the untucked tee,
faded jeans & treking boots.

Grey tones jzooshed up with animal bag & suede loafers.
Sans socks.

7. Whimsical touch

Everything here is corporate
perfection - except the jacket.
Welcome to fashion. 

8. All over (non neutral) colour
Aubergine seems to be the one for night.

Aubergine for day.
9. 100% fashion plate

Note: I dont approve of the scuffed shoe tips.
Bad form for a fashion type who isnt doing deliberate grunge. 

Salmon & drop crotch

His smile is as beautiful as his pants

LOUD jacket, LOUD shoes

10. Its all about the shoes

Exotic skin taken back to the belt

Exotic skin taken back to the belt & sunglasses.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

15 Ways with streetwear disasters at NYFW SS 2013

Its either all or nothing

Atlantic Pacific's Blair looks divine?
All but the too tight/uneven jacket.
And the jacket fails the look.
No excuses. 

Dont stuff yourself like a sausage

Dont buy clothes on an empty stomach.

Dont bring attention to your C U Next Tuesday

SATC Charlotte's words, not mine.

If the fabric pulls, dont buy it.
Once its pulled, dont wear it.

In case you think that giant pull happened on the day she wore it, bollocks.
She would have known the fabric pulls before she put it on that morning.

Dont try trends half hearted.

The half tuck looks so lame here.
Plus it looks far more flattering skewed to the side.

 No frizzy hair & rumpled clothing. Ever.

Fitted tops should be fitted.

This isnt one of those exaggerated looks.
 Its a fitted top worn flapping in the wind.
Wearing a singlet under this doesnt make it cool.
 Its a disgrace to layering. 

Always do the blink test.  

The first thing the eye notices here is the large mass of print
around her tummy & hips. Bad move. 

Dont put the word "big" on your chest.

It goes without saying not to put any derivative
of the word big on your chest either.

Some dresses are not made for 
large boobs if you want to look tasteful. 

Wearing a singlet underneath just makes it worse.

Be aware of your body shape.
Everything here is lovely individually. But in total,
 they make her look much fatter than she is. 

Just like body shapes, there are feet shapes. 

The Loubi is just too skimpy for her wide foot. I dont care if she is in pain.
I care that her foot looks awful for the sake of a red sole.

Sometimes just say no. 
Do I need to explain this?
Mind you she hasnt done a bad job with the print
disguising the large boobs.

 Dont wear prints that make 
your legs look like sausages

The black part around the knees makes her legs look stuffed - like sausages. 

Evening dresses require class.
A  fit like this isnt classy.
Dont get me started on the hard clutch that is squashed.