Sunday, December 29, 2013

10 Ways with an Aussie New Year

1. On the harbour

2. At the beach

3. Relaxed 

4. Little black dress..or suit

5. Badass

6. Poufy skirt

7. Tuxedo

8. Sparkles

Chanel stars!

There is always room in your closet for a Chanel style jacket

Black tie

9. Prints

Scarf print - thin Etro, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana & Hermes

A Camilla kaftan

Ornate & light weight

10. The rest

Standout shoes

Standout skirt

Because its summer, a little white dress

Friday, December 27, 2013

10 Ways With a Grey Marle Tee

1. White 
White freshens up traditionally bland colour like grey.

Notice how the heels dress this up?

2. Pretty 
Florals & demure court shoes say pretty.

Sorbet colours say pretty.


4. Chocolate & pink
There is something delicious about chocolate & pink teamed with grey.

5. Tailored 
A blazer always nails the tailored look. 





6. Denim shorts
Leather or cashmere?

7. Hello grunge!

8. Hello scarf!
Notice how a scarf dresses up the base?

9. White topper

Collegiate & smart


Minimalist meets funky 

10. Leather
A traditional accent for grey marle.


Slick & minimalist

Grey marle tips:

1. Pick your best shade of grey
Some greys, especially the lighter ones have strong yellow undertones.
Others have pink/blue undertones.

2. Pick your best fabric
Viscose clings to every lump & bump while cotton (& a dense linen) has more body & hides lumps & bumps.

3. Pick your best neckline
A vee slims an upper body more than a scoop/round neck.
Big boobs? Show decolletage, not cleavage. Always. 

4. Pick your best sleeves
If you dont like your upper arms, then dont go sleeveless or cap sleeved. 

5. Think outside the marle
A fine grey marle sweatshirt has the same impact as a tee.
A logo or print adds pizazz.