Monday, September 12, 2011

Chanel 2.55 for tots (fake)

Uber cute!

After a bit of an absence, I am happy to be back & there is no happier topic to start with than....Chanel.....

I normally loathe fakes in clothing & accessories and I am expert enough to pick them up at, oh, about a thousand paces.

But this is different.


The fake is a replica of the uber classic Chanel 2.55 bag, but its for tots.

PS: 2.55 stands for the release date, February 1955.

PPS: Here is the grown up version in the Westfield Sydney CBD pop up store window in July 2011. This bag is re created every season in size, shape, leathers, handles etc. Its a life long classic.

Back to the bags for tots....

I found these bags at a kids store in Westfield North Rocks.
They were so cute I had to post about them.

They were $15 each
The day prior they also had a hot pink.

Then I got to thinking about other colours -

black for the classic tot
navy for the chic (French) tot
camel for the Euro chic tot
pale pink for the girlie tot
red for the glamorous tot
white for the nautical tot

Lets not get started on prints, tweeds, sequins etc!

I didnt know what Chanel was til I was about 16 - I remember a girlfriend who worked with me at Grace Bros (the old Myer store) raving about camelias and quilted bags & Claudia Schiffer. So I went & looked up "the look" so I could understand her excitement. I got it.

And so these cute bags are a great way to start a little one on the path of Chanel-dom.


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