Monday, March 19, 2012

Cue inspired by Dries Van Noten

Cue inspired by Dries Van Noten


Cue AW 2012

These Cue clutches are designed by Peter Lang for Cue, $210 & $215 respectively,

Now, see anything familiar with.......

Dries Van Noten SS 2009

The Dries bags would have had a price point close to $1K.

I guess its a matter of weighing up quality/originality v price.

Getting back to the comparison, sure the materials differ (leather v cloth), even the actual embellishments differ (leather v sequins), but the idea and the concept is the same.



  1. I have also enjoyed the pieces that Cue put out and have many but lately I'm finding that I'm getting rather bored. Going into a Cue store is no longer inspiring for me :(

  2. interesting you say that Vanisha - I think they are the fastest to market (apart from Zara, Topshop etc) of the directional pieces, but what they are doing more & more of, is repeating styles that sell well, in a different fabric or a stightly different feature....and that creates a sense of same ol, same ol.....would u consider becoming a watcher on ebay for the brands they tend to be inspired by? Dries van Noten, Marni, Balenciaga, Erdem, Stella McCartney, Balmain, Mary Katranzou, Peter Pilotto & the jewellery is Tom Binns inspired. I get much more excited having the real thing than the ebay is my saviour....