Sunday, March 16, 2014

10 Ways for St Patrick's Day - it's easy being green

1. A wee accessory

2. Toning it, rocking it

3. Contrast

4. Head to toe

5. Summer's soft pastels 

6. A statement coat

7. Running errands

- when those errands are smart

8. Pretty it up with a dress or skirt

in Josh Goot

9. Leather & fur

10. Animal & camo


If it's near your face, make sure it's your best shade - blue undertones for cool complexions & yellow undertones for warm complexions

if you're contrasting the green with a pastel, put the darker shade where you want to look smaller & the lighter shade where you are happy to look bigger.

Toning & all over green will slim you more than when you are contrasting sections of your body.

Green can be quite a lary colour, so tone it down with texture, not wearing it top to toe or softening the shade. 

Happy St Patrick's Day, 2014!

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