Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The pieces SIA rejects

People are always asking me what I think of this piece or that piece. I respond and always try to explain why. Because if you know the why, you can replicate the logic when I am not around. 

A scan of the racks at Trade Secret reveals FOUR possibilities. I outline the pros & cons for each. 

1st top

Made in Italy
Pure silk outer with stretch lining sewn into the seams
Love the lace bits
Love the floaty sleeves
Navy. What more can I say?

The hemline finished at the widest part of my thighs. 
I looked like I had gained 5 kg. 

OUTCOME: Bye bye top. 

2nd top

Made in Italy
Pure silk outer with stretch lining sewn into the seams
Can you see a theme here? 
Love the colours, crisp white with navy
Love the open neckline

Boho styling - not the real me
Raglan sleeves - make your upper half look look smaller
The deal breaker - gathered elastic hem - anything with a blouson effect will always make you look shorter & fatter where the gathers are placed. As a pear, the last place i want to looks fatter is my hips. 

OUTCOME: Bye bye top.

                              3rd top

Pure cotton
Navy & white stripe

The white is actually quite off white
It's made in China
The front placket is not functional - it's just a pleat. When you move & it opens up, you see a pleat. This is a sign of cutting corners, high street rather than high end. 

OUTCOME: Bye bye top.

4th top
This is a First Daughter top - Ivanka Trump
I put it on & I was transformed. I saw it instantly. It draped well, was cut well for my shape. 
Polyfester - easy to care for but looked pricey

Made in China
It says dry clean only, but I know fabrics & polyfester like this can survive any hand wash. 

OUTCOME: Hello top 
FYI: The US styled necklace is from Zara via ebay & was my hero piece of jewellery for the day. 

THE MORAL OF THIS POST is that you should only buy pieces which make you look & feel amazing. 

"It's OK" or "it'll do" will build you a wardrobe of very ordinary clothes. 

When something makes you look & feel amazing, you will notice it instantly in the mirror. No hesitation. That's when it comes home with you.

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