Thursday, October 19, 2017

Roxy J buys a hot pink Birkin at auction


1. Everything in this post is from SIA's perspective
2. Considerable effort has been made to list the facts
3. There will also be opinions, which are SIA's alone.
4. We would love to hear from you if you agree with the views expressed. 
5. We would love to hear from you if you disagree with the facts or the views expressed. 
6. Logical, articulate and well thought out the comments are preferred to vague opinions, swearing & personal insults. 

Here we go:

Fact: SIA went to a Shapiro luxury goods auction on Tuesday night. 

Fact: Roxy Jacenko arrived while everyone was being seated. She claimed four seats. Her seat was in front of me, two seats to the left. 

Fact: For the hour & a half she was there, I spent more time looking at her than looking at the screen of loot. Because of her loot obsession, I find her fascinating. 

Fact: She had a small frame; unassuming. 

Fact: She was perfectly groomed & coiffured as per usual.
She was wearing diamonds & gold on her wrists. I do not recall checking out her ears. She was wearing leggings as pants in a shades of blue, grey/black pattern. They had a slight sheen to them. The fabric looked like it was of very good quality. I think she was wearing a short sleeve tee & a navy sleeveless puffa jacket. I have seen the puffa a few times previously in out & about photos. I dont recall her shoes. But she was carrying a tiny orange Birkin, about 15 cm in width. Cute & tiny. 

Fact: All you have to do is google & you will see many photos of her run about outfit being leggings as pants, and a puffa or a sweatshirt.  

Opinion: Why does a woman decked out all the way in terms of grooming, hair & accessories wear leggings as pants? Not just occasionally, but often. It just doesnt make any sense at face value. 

Leggings as pants? 

Even if you have a lovely figure (she does), it's just an ugly combination.

Unless she is getting paid to wear the leggings. That's a hypothesis. 

Let's talk hair. 

Fact: I noticed that she has these soft waves all over her head. They are also visible in the above photo. Each wave falls in exactly the same way. Perfect. As I would expect. Until I realised that each perfect wave is actually a hair extension clip. Her hair under each wave is the same shade at the extension - good job hairdresser. But go under another layer & her hair is black/brown/dark. So as soon as hair parts, as she moves around, you see the dark head.  

Opinion: Not ideal. 

Let's talk the nose. After all, it was in my line of sight quite a bit. 

Fact: At the auction, I had completely forgotten she has her nose changed. It was due to a breathing issue. In the process, she made a cosmetic adjustment, as you do. 

Opinion: I looked at her nose & thought "nature does not give out noses like that". It's not that it's gorgeous per se, but it was just too thin & straight to be nature's gift. 

What did she bid on?

Roxy left soon after the Hermes bag part of the auction. 

LOT 124 followed her home. It was a hot pink epsom Birkin with palladium hardware.
Hammer price $9,700
Sale price $11,640

I think all the auction house's photos have been touched up - like Roxy! 

The corner on the right looks like it has wear. I did not examine this at the viewing.  

Fact: When Roxy posted her Instagram photo, she didnt disclose her new Birkin was via auction. 

Fact: She also bid on LOT 128A. This was a black shiny crocodile Kelly. It opened at $12K, she went to $19.5K but it sold to someone else for $20K hammer (sale price $24K).

This lovely is about 20 years old. 

Who was she with?

Fact: Soon after Roxy arrived, two girls joined her. They looked around mid 20s. Both were dressed all in black, had long dark hair & dark skin. They were not Roxy slim. They were both more animated than Roxy. 

Opinion: They didn't seem to be "Roxy clones" as per photo below. 

Roxy clones

Opinion: The girls seem more animated than Roxy. She seemed very quiet & unassuming. Not an alpha female at all. 

Fact: Just as the Hermes bag auction commenced, a man joined the girls - late 40s, heavy set. The girls made room & he sat next to Roxy. 

SIA hopes that this has helped all Roxy lovers have a terrific day. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing your auction & Roxy experience-they make fabulous reading!