Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Coles Mix 2012 gold medal find - the white shirt

Popped into a Coles Mix store today after a long absence (oh, like for a whole two weeks...).

Saw a NEW drop of women's shirts. In white & in black long sleeved for $19.

Now I know you all want to hear about the zillion ways to style a white shirt & want to see pictures of celebrities in white shirts - but that's not what this post is about (I'll give you that later in the week, patience petals).

Instead, this post is about all the gazillion reasons why the quality of this item is so high & the price is so low, that not buying one would be the stupid-ist thing you've ever done. 

Here's what you get for $19:

1. Cotton/nylon/elastene - feels terrific to the touch and the nylon content makes it manageable as far as creases go, but you'd never know they weren't pure cotton.

2. The elastene gives it stretch for comfort.

3. Well seamed, lovely neat collar, no crooked seams, buttons stitched securely and evenly.

4.Double buttons on the cuffs and a button on the sleeve plackets.

5. Full length (not 3/4) sleeves.

6. Spare button attached.

7. Front buttons are covered by a placket - this is a more elegant (& expensive) way of doing buttons compared to normal exposed front button


8. Sizes 6 - 18.

9. The white is something between a stark white & an off white, so it suits most complexions.

10. The hem is not cut straight across. It dips in the front & back centre. This gives a more flattering shape to most figure types in comparison to a straight horizontal cut (which widens you & shortens you).

11. It has shape at the waist and isnt boxy.

I was so excited I bought a white and a black - as you do!

What else is on the market?

The market of $19 shirts a la Kmart, Tar-jay, Big W looks shocking in comparison to this shirt. The main areas where these other shirts fall down is quality of seaming (no puckering), uneven crooked stitches on placket and fabric is often thin & cheap. 

I dont want to offend anyone who has purchased from these stores in the past, but especially if you want to look smart for WORK, go to Coles & upgrade NOW.

Someone today reminded me that "you get what you pay for". I quipped back that "you get what you pay for unless you use me to find it on sale". 

Well today I witnessed an occasion of, "at full price, you get alot more than you pay for". 


Also available on line.

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