Sunday, September 9, 2012

Today's Coles Mix haul

After getting my Visa stamped, today, I trecked from Parramatta vicinity to Mona Vale.

Where the heck is Mona Vale & can it BE any further away from home?

The only thing that saved me from getting lost (I have THE worst sense of direction on the planet) was that it was off the end of Mona Vale Road. I was familiar with MV Road because I use it to get to St Ives Shopping Village - a terrific shopping centre for girlie (international & Aussie designer clothes & accessories) stuff & homewares - the mini treck to St Ives has been done many many times bu moi so MV Road was embedded in my normally direction challenged brain.

& why?

The Coles store in Mona Vale was holding two fantastic white "placket shirts" ($19 each) in my size, the last two in my size in the Sydney metro area...they dont transfer & if I purchased on line, I wasnt up to the minimum ($50) for the free I spent $12 in petrol to get there...just kidding...hehehe.

I had recently written about these white & black) shirts at....

Funnily enough, I spent $76 in the store (no, not on groceries, $77 on Coles clothes) much for the on line minimum.

Coles note: I am more likely to buy on IMPULSE, IN PERSON rather than ON LINE. That's just me.
Wondering if readers are like me or are you the other way around?

On the way to Mona Vale I saw rolling hills & a  fantastic skyline of the CBD.

In Mona Vale, everyone seemed to be blonde, tanned & wearing shorts...& it was 7 pm.
I must have stood out as I am brunette, fair & wearing pants.

Clutching my purchases I took a photo in the centre - good lighting - clothes spread on the back of a bench & me standing on the bench - arial view.....

From left to right:

1. A red (cool toned burgendy) tee (for a friend) $5, on sale.
2. A white "silky" poly cami with back zip $19, & long enough to cover my bum & very Celine.
3. An orange/pink/white sleeveless cotton tee $15.
4.& 5. The two famous white shirts @ $19 each.

Haul total = $77.00
Divided by 5 items = $15.40 average price.
Pretty good, eh?

Postscript: The fact that I already have two of the same white shirts & a black one doesnt make me a hoarder. 

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