Monday, November 19, 2012

Same, same but different - it's the little things that matter

At Coles, the Mix Apparel line has produced three silk look tank tops for SS 2012 in the same fabric. 

The three tanks look similar and they have a similar vibe.

But each one has unique details which can make or break a body type.

Style #1: Plain front, plain back, straight hem

The simplest version - the most versatile, but also the least "trendy".

Style #2: Plain front, zippered back, lower back hem

This is is better than #1 for a big bum because:

a) the Back hem is lower; and
b) The back vertical zip creates a vertical line

The zipper is heavy as it is quite long - check your back view to ensure the back isnt clinging to your backside (making it look even bigger).

Trendy - the back zip is a Celine inspired detail.

Style #3: High neck, zippered front, shirt-tail hem with side slits

The higher neckline is not ideal for large busts. If a busty figure wants to wear this, you must wear it with the zipper open, so as to break up a large chest area.

The zipper is a visible feature of this style because it's at the front & centre. Three consequences here:
a) The metal on the zipper should flatter your complexion. 
b) The zipper may create limitations as to the jewellery/scarves/neck/head accessories you wear with it. Make sure there are no unintended clashes.
c) The centre front zipper creates a vertical line - avoid this if you have a small bust.

This style is longer than the other two styles so petites should stay away from it.

The shirt tail hem & the side splits are good for a big hips


Same, same but different.
The little differences make a difference.
If you dont have an eye for the little differences, then take someone on your shopping trip who does.
This is important.

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