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Nina Proudman needs a colour consultation

Nina Proudman seems to have been wearing the wrong colours in the last couple of seasons of Offspring. 

She can wear whatever colours she wants waist down, but near the face, everyone has their best colours and it's their best colours that will make them look their best. So what matters for colour flattery is the shades of her blouse, jacket, necklace, earrings, scarves etc. 

Nina's best colours are COOL & CLEAR.
She also have a very low contrast between her skin & hair & eyes - so soft or medium intensity colours are called for. Anything strong, bold, vivid will over power her.  

Very simple. 

3 things: Cool, clear & medium intensity.

Anything else will make her look, ahem, not her best. 


Mustard is too warm and too muted for Nina. Mustard is about the worst colour Nina should wear. It makes her look pale, drawn and tired. Maybe that's appropriate, given Patrick just died...


Yellows & oranges are all wrong for a complexion with cool undertones. The off white s good, but the neckline is quite low so it doesnt negate the bad Camilla vest colours. 

WRONG, but....

The chambray vest here works - in fact, as long as the chambray isnt too yellow based, it will be a great colour for Nina. pity she doesnt wear it more often. 

The yellow top is warm, which is bad. However but it's quite clear in its depth and the intensity is right, which is good. It also has small stripes in warm colours, which don't help (orange, salmon). Overall, she can do better.  


This Tigerlily jacket is way too warm & strong for someone with Nina's colouring. 


The off white jacket/top is great for Nina's complexion. 
But that bright orangey red tank is a no go zone. It's too warm & too bright. 


This henley has the softness which Nina's complexion needs. However it's too muted - there is no purity/clarity in the colour.  If she wants a soft pink, it's better to be a more icy or rose shade and less orchid-y. These shades also have less yellow in them.   


The salmony colour of this mesh tee is very wrong for Nina's colouring. While the intensity is fine, the colour has too much yellow in it.  For someone with her coloring, this shade makes them look ill. wrong


This outfit is so wrong. The green is overdosed in a yellow undertone. It's also too bright for her soft complexion & hair. You notice the top before you notice her. 

As Yves Saint Laurent once said....

When the clothing overpowers you, it's time to change the clothing. 

Also the scarf is every shade of salmon, which is pink with yellow undertones. very wrong. To make things worse, the scarf has tones of beige/camel, more warm shades. 

For completeness, the high neckline of this top won't work on anyone with medium-large boobs. Most high necklines don't work for medium-large boobs. 


Mint green sings on Nina. It's cool & clear & soft. Perfect. 

Brighter greens like the next one don't work as well on her - too much yellow & too much bright. 



How about this green Oneseason dress? It's not ideal - the colour was tinged with too much yellow although it was the right intensity.


This shade of off white is perfect on Nina & it isn't distracted with any wrong shades. 


This appears to be a cool pink with medium intensity - seems to work. 


This look is so so wrong - not only is the salmony-taupe a wash out, the bright red camisole is too over powering for someone with Nina's colouring. 

Now let's move to the blues. 


A blue with as little yellow as possible is best for Nina.
Like aqua. Unlike Turquoise shades. 
This aqua is intense, maybe a little too much, but overall it's not too bad.

RIGHT, even better

This blue is great for her - it's even cooler than the aqua and the white in between breaks it up. 


This Tigerlily dress was great. Medium intensity, very little yellow. I cant be 100% until I see the actual fabric in natural light, but it does seem to have some muted characteristics - but that isn't anywhere near enough to undo the good characteristics (cool & medium intensity).  


This colour of this henley is interesting. It'f the right amount of softness and it's cool, but its too muted. Not by a mile, but still too muted. 

Now compare it to the blue in the below photo - similar softness, also cool but totally clear. Now that's perfect for Nina. 


sort of WRONG

We love the off white jacket. But black is the worst colour Nina can wear. For anyone with her fair colouring it's too harsh. It's lucky she wasn't wearing it as a high neckline.

If you want to wear black & you have fair colouring, you will look much much better in other dark shades like navy or bottle green or chocolate or charcoal. Obviously what you choose as your black substitute will depend on your skin tone & colouring. 


These colours are perfection. Clear, soft & cool. Even though the scarf technically is warm (cream), the varying tones of cool blues sing on her. 


It looks like the wardrobe department was getting Nina's colour right when the show aired for the first couple of seasons. But lately, her clothing has been very bright & very warm and/or muted in its tones. 

That's why she needs to see a colour consultant. 

Don't forget:

First: If you are wearing the WRONG colour, people will say:
"Gee, that's a pretty top."

If you are wearing the RIGHT colour, people will say:
"Gee, you look well."

Which compliment do you want?

If you love a colour but cant wear it near your face, wear it waist down, on your wrist, as a belt or as shoes. Easy.

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  1. You have no idea what you're talking about - that's why you have a crappy blog rather than a professional job like the stylists at Offspring. Nina always looks amazing. She looks fantastic in everything she wears on the show that's why everyone follows her style religiously & why her clothes sell out in a second the moment propel find out the brand! You're a negative, know all, old bag who is a complete looser. I've seen your picture on line. You should take a leaf out of your own book - your hair is a dagy cut with a tragic 80s fringe (& lets not even talk about those terrible glasses propped on your head), the length is a nothing in between length too. Your colour looks terrible - it's too dark & makes you look pasty & white. That blue top you have on is the ugliest top I've ever seen. You look like you work at Office Works. The neckline is dowdy & those necklaces hanging over the top are very ugly. Just a note on jewellery while we're on the topic - who wears sleepers in their ears unless theirs either daggy or 13 years old? Your eyebrows are a terrible shape & need attention & you are in desperate need of some bronzes or SOMETHING please your face is so white with red blotchy bits especially round your nose! Your teeth could do with some whitening - they're very yellow! Basically instead of criticising Nina you should take some notes & change your complete look because it's hideous! Alternatively pay to get a major makeover - you need it rather than spending so much time blathering on about things you clearly have no idea about! It's actually comical! You need to go back to your corporate job - I suspect it's more suited to you than fashion - that's for sure! Hahaha