Monday, May 19, 2014

Offspring style: Where to buy circle pendants

The Offspring wardrobe dept has a thing for circle pendants.

You may not have realised but this style is available everywhere.

1. In shell and semi precious, including turquoise, at Tree of Life.

2. In don't mess with me bold costume versions with mother of pearl or turquoise stones at Samantha Wills

3. At silver stores like Fuse Silver, independant jewellers, Westfield stalls (eg: Magnolia) & any silver market stall on a Saturday morning. 

4. In cheap & cheerful versions, both subtle & bold at Diva & Lovisa.

5. On Etsy, amazon & ebay (sooo many here)

6. Vintage versions including monogrammed versions in antique stores

7. Stunning vintage pieces in pewter.

8. Even Marc Jacobs also does his circle logo in a disc necklace.

9. At Dinosaur Designs for resin (& sterling) versions

10. Ann Demeulemeester does multiple glass versions of these every season (think monocle).

11. Of course, the House of Harlow disc necklace with the triangle border. 

12. In silver dipped Australian coins at independant jewellers - think about getting a coin form the year of your birth.

13. The Tiffany versions - forever classic.

14. The versions with holes like at

15. Kaboodle and Kirstin Ash also have fun versions with prints & colour. #6 in the photo is a kirstin Ash.  


1. Make sure the chain/leather/rubber/fabric cord is the right length for your shape. So if you are busty, keep the chain so the pendant sits on your decoletage & doesn't bounce around the girls.

2. Ensure the colour flatters your skin tone.
Turquoise & gold flatter warm complexions.
Silver flatters cool complexions.

3. Ensure the style (both chain & pendant) works with your wardrobe.

4. Think about surface texture to create interest - smooth, beaten, oxidised, etched, flat, wavy/undulating and many more. 

5. Does it have to be a circle? Of course not. Your body shape & clothing may better suit oval, heart free form or geometric. 

6. To get inspired, google something like "disc pendant" & set aside a few days to digest. 


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