Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Random Witchery pieces - AW 2014

Just some Witchery pieces I noticed for AW 2014:

This is a cotton chalk stripe shirt. It is the same cut as a 2 tone chambray & a white they recently had alot of success with. 

However this shirt, in addition to having the chalk stripe print, has a mini jacquard stripe in the fabric - the result is that's unlike the other two, it's very hard to iron because the jacquard isnt a smooth surface. 

It's now reduced. I am not surprised it hasn't sold well - with the wrinkling, it looks like PJs. 

If you want a denim skirt but find the blue denims are everywhere, this is a nice one to try - in a faded grey, cotton with a bit of poly & elastene.

It's a pencil style and doesnt have those ugly fly fronts, making it more dressy than otherwise 

SIA is always a sucker for a black skirt which hugs the thighs then flips out. 

This one is the "Hi Low Flip" for $100 in polyester (think microfibre).
It's average length is 40 cm. 
Be careful if selecting on line - as the average length covers not only all the sizes (4-16) but the front & back too. 
If you are leg conscious, I'd be asking for a precise measurement of the shortest length in your best size.

This next one is the "Fishtail Peplum Skirt", again 100% but in a different fabrication to the hi-low.

Its average length is 44.5 cm. Again, take care in the measurements if you are conscious of your pins. 

Also notice how it looks almost the same length as the hi-low, but with a 4 cm length difference! It pays to ask questions. 

The next Longline Sleeveless Shirt, $90, looks fabulous on the page if you love white & dalmation prints. 

It's stated as 100% polyester, which is a good thing - fine breathable poly is a very hardy fabric which retails shape & colour. 

It's also stated as a "milky white", even though this photo looks white-white.

But when I saw this in store, I did a double take. 
It is pretty much white-white but it looks & feels like a rayon/viscose. Really cheap & thin in a bad way. Am sure it doesnt crease like rayon, but while I want cheap, I dont wnat to look cheap. 

I havent seen this next one in real life, but it's a clever top. 
Called the"Metallic Ombre Tee" its fabulousness is that the lighter band just under the bust creates a whittles torso in that area. Terrific to create an empire line for pear shapes. 

Unfortunately it's 100% viscose, so I am not holding my breath.

Below, the new generation flat pleat skirt is in store now & will be on line soon.

Like all its sisters, it's a midi length - about the least flattering skirt shape on the planet.

Plus pleats tend to create a heavy look, causing the eye to move down, adding to the heaviness and unflatteringness. Yes, when a garment is this bad, unflatteringness is a word. 

However there may be a saving grace. The diagonal seam joining the mesh tulle to the body creates a vertical line and the blush colour lightens the hem & helps to slow down the downward eye movement. 

The waist is elastic. 

It's dry clean only - not sure why as yet. 

The next studded blush shell top, $100 looks lovely if you suit warm tones. The studs look like silver, but they don't alter the warm tone of the top. The studs are only placed at the front. 

The only drawback - its 100% viscose - it may drop/hang very easily, flattening you at the front & cling to every lump & bump at the sides/back. 

The next knit has done very well for Witchery - in 100% babywool Merino, SIA still hasnt figured out what baby wool is other than maybe lamb Merino? It's called a "Step Hem Knit" & she isn't sure what that means either. 

Apart from the colours currently available (grey, black, camel, off white/marshmallow, it was also previously released in pale blue & pale pink. It's $100.

This sweater has a fabulous look & a fine feel. The only thing I dont like about it, is that the basque at the front, is stitched together at the point of the inverted vee - it isn't a continuous basque. Having that vertical seam there makes it look cheap IMO & I think the reason is that it was cheaper to do it that way.   

The next one is a wrap knit in 50% rayon & 50% wool. It has way too much fabric for a petite. It is $170. 

A good basic style, however it reminds me of Oroton's "Chalet" style, which they have been doing for years in either 100% wool or 100% cotton. Oroton's is $300 irrespective of fabric and available in cream, black, navy (it was a bright navy) & a few other colours. 

The only real difference is that the Oroton is short sleeved and shorter in the body. I find that works better for layering year round and for petites.  My money's on the Oroton - much better quality & you can usually score 25% off without much of a sweat. 

Here is the Oroton "Chalet" which I think is in direct competition with the Witchery cheaper version. 

See anything you like peeps?

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