Wednesday, June 25, 2014

10 Ways with a soft white shirt - Nina Proudman, Offspring

The shirt: Jane Lamerton, white, $100, at Myer

Reminds me of: 

Season 5, episode 4

1. Layering a bit of everything

The tassel plate necklace is currently available at Myer.

2. Pretty & delicate

3. Pearl girl

a) Classic pearl girl
Classic strand

b) Funky pearl girl
On leather, suede or rope, the boho tendencies come into play

4. Whimsical

The circle pendant is Kirsten Ash - Nina wore a few of these in season 4. 

5. Arty 

Maria Calderara necklace

6. Bold

Pewter from ebay land

7. Earthy

Perfume bottle with semi precious stones

8. Girly girly

French doll, sold at various bling stores

9. Modern minimalist

Ann Demeulemeester monocle necklace

Cheapie ball in silver/onyx.
Apologies for the butchered photo.

10. Curiosity 

11. Colour glam (SIA can count, but this one's extra)

Myer beaded necklace, available now

The fine print:

Some other options:

Jane Lamerton plain crepe blouse, now reduced to $55

French Connection cream blouse

Witchery batwing silk shirt

The take aways from this post are twofold:

1. If you want to copy Nina's identical pieces, then by all means be my guest. But most of it is past seasons & hard to track down. 

Stop wasting your energy on wanting the identical item & look around for pieces that have the same vibe & fall nicely into takeaway #2. 

The only thing you have to remember is that you arent going to build a Nina closet overnight or even during May - August. It takes longer to find things that work for you.  

2. Speaking of "work for you", logistics aside, make sure the look & the pieces you "MUST" have suit your height, shape, complexion, lifestyle & budget. 


  1. These necklace choices are almost as ugly as that photo of you in that hideous blue jumper. Please delete your blog - it's like road kill.

    1. Another anonymous keyboard warrior - zero points for originality. If you don't like the page, then make a conscious choice (considering you know what that means), and don't read SIA's blog.

    2. Thanks Bruises. I hope Anon is feeling better soon....:-)

  2. Hi Anon, Thanks for the feedback. Can you attach a link of me in the blue sweater please? I cant recall which photo you mean. After you do that, I suggest you dont read the fabric roll posts if they are killing you on the road. After all, I would never intend to cause you such upset. The blog will continue however, as that is my choice, not yours.
    But please send the blue sweater photo first....Best, SIA