Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Where to buy a black jacket better than Nina Proudman style

(Now defunct) TL Wood jacket

Nina's black TL Wood jacket in episode 8 of season 5 was a soft moto style.

That's a jacket with a round neck, but she left the neck folded over (that's code for flapping around). 

A moto style overlaps at the top & eases out at the bottom. 

Did you notice that leaving the jacket open like Nina looked sloppy - messy. This style is designed to be worn closed just like their close cousins, the double breasted jackets. 

It also is a soft fabric with little scaffolding - so it doesnt disguise any figure flaws - it just emphasises the wearer's figure, as it is. Great if you have a wonderful figure. Not so great otherwise. 

Who does this style of jacket suit?

Basically, a tall person with an hourglass shape. 

They dont work the best for:

rectangles - they don't create a waist;

* pears - the short style will make a pear look     larger than they are on the bottom half;

* apples - the excess floppy fabric isnt good       for the voluptuousness of an apple;

* busty - the excess floppy fabric makes the       bust even bigger;

* petites - anything with excess fabric is not a     good idea for a petite. The shorter length is     good, but sans the floppy top part;

* carrying excess weight - a longer style which   eases over the top of the hip is a better style     and any excess fabric is a no go zone. 

If you are not a tall hourglass, if you go for a classic single breasted style, you will be way ahead in the style stakes. For apples you may want to try something softer in shape (suggest a knit) with an empire waist. 

I happened to be in Zara recently, where i spotted the following beauties which are infinitely more flattering than Nina's style.

Zara Woman - the ruffle is removeable

Zara Woman - navy longer style more flowy

Zara Basic - a classic round neck style
without the extra volume of a moto style

Zara Basic - sculptural semi peplum style
with hook/eye closure

Zara Woman - Sgt Pepper style,
fabulous structure &
terrific for pear as it creates
an upper body presence

Zara Woman moto style with removeable sections.
This is a very structured piece, unlike
Nina's soft fabric floppy jacket.

Most of these Zara jackets are the main line, Zara Woman. This means the quality is excellent.

All are reduced.

Now is the time to buy. 
Not next week when you size has been sold. 

There are also many traditional jackets on sale now - both at Zara & everywhere else. Too many to photograph. 

Internet photo showing a classic/traditional jacket

Now is the time to buy.

There is also one Country Road number floating around, also reduced, which SIA loves.

$300 was the original price.

And the point of this post is.....

Pieces like black (or navy or chocolate or charcoal etc) jackets are the backbone of your closet, whether you are a boho, minimalist, rock chic or even romantic personality. 

They are workhorses - you'll wear them again & again, so they will pay themselves off, even if the initial outlay is stretching your budget.  

Think of it as a matter of priorities. Stay in for dinner a few more nights & all of a sudden, your jacket is close to funded. 

Pieces like this are cheaper in the long run because you aren't replacing them every season. 

But the real kicker however, is that you look better wearing them compared to the cheap & cheerful stuff on the high street.

Look better, feel better, perform better. 

That's Style into Action.

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  1. Hi,
    Just after something similar to Nina's silk look jacket I think it she wore it at the beginning of the season, I love it but may have to resort to making one myself!
    Great Blog by the way.