Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How to turn Offspring Nina Proudman's style into MY style

Just a reminder about the oodles of Nina inspired tops on the high street at the moment. And the oodles of style possibilities.

Target - available now. 

Target, same top as above, available now. 

This is part of the Target thermals range.
It's 100% extra fine Merino wool.
Also available in black.
It's a more refined Nina look.
Available now.

Another Target top with a really
basic peasant styling
which can be dressed up or down.
Available now.

A more structured bodice provides
a more modern minimalist variation
on the usual Nina boho country look.
Target, available now.

A cleaner but still pretty look for those
who want less boho & more smart.
Target, available now.

Just because Nina loves white/off white & cream, doesnt mean you cant get away with a similar look in another colour.  The trick is to keep it soft. That means flowy & pastel/light colours.

Classic Nina, but in pale
pink at Target - available now.

This can also be classic Nina but note the
elastic ribbing on the collar, pocket &
cuffs and the elbow seams?
That takes it straight to the sports luxe category.
Add Nina accessories (scarf, long necklaces) &
you have a modern Nina look.
This is from Witchery & is available now.
How do I turn these tops into the Nina look?

With accessories of course....

1. Layer a couple of long necklaces - nothing chunky except if a pendant style

2. Add a long rectangle scarf (plain or print) 
wound once or twice around your neck 

3. A fine watch with a delicate metal band - no sports watches allowed

4. A fine pair of earrings, nothing too bold or too dangly.

5. Add a boho bracelet like a friendship bracelet or a leather band.

6. Suede tall boots

7. Slouchy boho messenger bag

What if I dont love Nina's boho pretty style & I want a different style?

I hope you've noticed the beauty of all these tops are simple, almost plain. That means you can dress them up or down with accessories. 

Even if you are not into Nina typical boho pretty style, every single one of these tops allows you to morph the look into MODERN, MINIMALIST or SPORTY look. 

The fastest way to do this is to:
*half tuck the top
*change the shoes
* Change the scarf from florals to plains

If you borrow sister Billie's leather jackets you can turn them into a TOUGH GIRL look.

Frankly I'd love to see Nina in a leopard
accessory to edge up her look...

Oops, here we changed the top to a tough girl tee,
added boyfriend jeans and black booties.
Nina would have a heart attack with this look. 

 If you want a CLASSIC look with these tops, then:

* add a traditional blazer
* and/or tuck in the top
* remove the pretty floral scarf and/or add a plain scarf
* change the shoes to almost anything other than those tall suede boots
* add any bag which is more structured and less tan than her messenger styles. 

You dont have to do every single one of these suggestions, but the more you do, the more effective & faster you will achieve your CLASSIC version of Nina look. 

Oops, here we changed the colour
of the jeans, added a collar to the jacket &
a simple sweater ...but it's still a workable
variation of the Nina look.
Think modern classic, not boho pretty.

What about my best metal colour? 

You can mix your metals, but I suggest whatever is near your face, should be the metal which is best for your complexion - 

* that's silver/gunmetal/grey for complexions with cool undertones (pink tones in their skin)
* yellow gold/rose gold for complexions with WARM undertones (yellow tones in their skin).

And the point of this is......

My underlying message here is about YOUR style. 

If you have loved Nina's boho pretty style before Offspring fashion fever took hold, then you'll know where & what brands deliver the Nina look. 

If that wasnt your style and you are say, over 25 yo, then are you SURE that buying Nina's identical pieces will work for your wardrobe and your lifestyle? Or will you end up having two closets - a Nina one & the other one. 
No guesses which of those closets you'll be wearing more. 

That's how women end up with a closet full of clothes & nothing to wear. Because their style (classic, tough girl, minimalist, sporty, modern etc) doesnt match up with the clothes they are buying when they follow a TV character's style. So celebrity style photos have alot to answer for in SIA's book. 

That's why is makes more sense firstly to buy inspired (rather than identical) pieces and secondly to wear them YOUR way rather than Nina's way. 

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