Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Woman of Style: Colourful Elke

The scene is Coles supermarket at Carlingford.
Think small mall, small suburb. 

So when I spotted this lady, looking at chocolates of all things, I knew I would regret it if I didn't stop & said hello. 

People like her don't turn up often. In Carlingford.

Her name was Elke (please correct me if I have spelt it wrong). 

I complimented her on her hair & glasses & well, her whole look. 

Then we played scarves. 

She was wearing a finely striped silk in shades of mint, orange, taupe, maybe a bit of blue. 

She was wearing hers in the classic European knot.

So I showed her some variations of this.

1. One end in the loop, then twist the loop & put the other end in. 

2. Twisting clockwise v anti clockwise

3. Inserting the single ends east to west & west to east.

4. Another one which I cant explain but I will find the instructions for it & add them here soon. 

Since all of these were going swimmingly, I figured we could challenge ourselves with the "Friendship knot". It's so different as far as scarf knots go, I couldnt let a stylish lady leave without imparting that knowledge to her. 

And we did & it worked. But we were there a while making it work & the Coles people did keep a watch on us. Surely they realised by the end, that we were harmless? Surely?

Here is a Hermes friend's video of the friendship knot. 


The photos I took show Elke keeping her friendship knot intact. That's a sign she liked it. 

Some photos show her looking at her left - that's her fending off other customers who wanted to go through our photography studio to get to aisles 12+. How rude! 

I took some photos, then Elke started to wheel her trolley away and I realised she had slung a handbag over her arm & I hadn't photographed it! So we went back into the Coles studio for more photos! The bag was a print fabric in a natural canvas with a thick red shoulder strap....in red. 

Elke looked amazing.

She had pulled together colour & texture in a funky but relaxed way.  

She was wearing basics in neutrals (even the jacket was a tiny houndstooth men's print) but showed her personality through the accessories. Down to the animal men's slipper with the red trim. 

Definitely blog worthy. 

It was no surprise that Elke was European - that's not to put Aussies down, but to say that we have alot to learn from our Euro sisters!

Finally, one of the best scarf tying videos from Wendy's Look Book. I never tire of this one and as we get new readers all the time, I am sure some of you may not have seen it yet. 


Finally, finally, if you see a stylish woman in your midst, tap her on the shoulder & pay her a compliment.  

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