Monday, October 6, 2014

The House Clothes Challenge

Most fashion people think that house clothes are hideous.
SIA is not one of those people.

There is nothing nicer than coming home, getting out of stuffy clothes into something soft and cuddly which doesn't restrict your movement. 

Just to be clear, house clothes are the things you ONLY wear around the house.
When the door bell rings, unless you are sure it’s the Net-A Porter guy or a charity collector, no one outside the house sees you in your house clothes. No one.

Even going to the letterbox is fraught with embarrassment when it’s in your house clothes.
Don’t ever try to tell me that you thought you would go to the shops in them. Because you always see someone who happens to be the last person you would ever want to see you in your house clothes.

House clothes are typically old, pilled, ill fitting, faded, in cacky colours with remnants of stains which don’t come out no matter how many stain cycles you run it through.

How can anything with those characteristics not make you feel blah?
Hardly self esteem inducing.  Hence house clothes definitely are hideous.

There is only one rule for clothes like that.
Throw them out.
Don’t even keep them for painting the house, washing the car or moving house.
Yes, throw them out. You heard right. 

But instead of roaming the house naked, you will prepare yourself for the purge.

Here’s what you need to do:

Take the next $100 you had planned to spend on the high street crapola and go to Target, Coles, Big W, Kmart or wherever and find some new house clothes.  

With that sort of budget, you should be able to get a 4-6 pieces depending on what you go for. Personally, I would suggest a trip to Coles & the whole range is available on line. Bonus, at the moment, everything is on sale, everywhere.

SIA suggests:

·       pretty colours – think lemon, lavender, pale blue or pale pink
If you hate pastels try black, navy, red, orange, hot pink & grey marle.
·        in sizes which fit you
·        throw in a print
·        in shapes which flatter your figure – big boobs, no high necklines please
·        make sure they all go together

If you keep your house clothes fresh and worthy of you, then SIA totally approves of your house clothes. 

Mind you, you’ll still wear them only around the house. This post in no way, shape or form authorises you to wear house clothes outside the house. But at least now you can face the neighbours at the letterbox with confidence. And the Net-A-Porter guy.

Are you willing to take the house clothes challenge? 

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  1. SIA I have just done this very thing! Out went all my ill fitting pants and tops and hand me down hoodies that I kept as house clothes and I acquired some tunics and leggings and ballet flats which look far more presentable. And can be layered with wool skivvies for winter. For summer I have a collection of cotton skirts and t-shirts that are presentable for the letter box. While I wouldn't generally wear the tunic/leggings combo to the shops (mostly because I wear them on days that I plan not to go to the shops) I have done a couple of long haul flights in them. And I still managed to be in the better dressed minority.