Monday, November 10, 2014

Meet Maureen - Lunching at Macquarie Centre

Style into Action met Maureen at Sydney's Macquarie Centre on the day when the fashion wing was opened.

SIA was checking out Uniqlo and Maureen was waiting for a girlfriend, to have lunch. 

You can't help but notice a lady with her sense of style. 
I knew if I didnt tap her on the shoulder for a photo, I'd regret it. 

What works about this look?  

1. The top & pants are basics in a neutral shade of black - no bells & whistles. They are your foundations.

2. The hero piece is the animal scarf. Nothing competes with this. It provides the joie de vivre. 

3. The bag is Kate Spade - a really sharp tote whose cream stitching nods to the animal print. It's grown up yet youthful. It's in immaculate condition. 

4. Cute patent black flats with a bow. 

5. Fine jewellery (rings, earrings) which complete the look. 

5. A candy pink mani & hair which sits just so. 

Maureen's look is quite easy to replicate at any price. 

If you don't suit black or warm tones, you can tweak it to another dark neutral base and a cool toned scarf. Too easy!  

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