Friday, October 24, 2014

H&M Oz - the labels & the prices

Not all items at H&M are created equal. 

The quality (& price) differs according to the label on the garment. 

In the women's wear at Sydney's Macquarie Centre, the following labels were spotted at opening:

H&M - the black label - "everyday"

The trendy standard label is black. 

H&M - the white label - "classic"

The plainer pieces including the corporate pieces.

The Conscious Collection - environmental 

Each piece is 25% recycled product & environmentally conscious.
There was a serious rayon/lyocell/viscose heavy fabric content here.
In contrast, the main line (black & grey) tended to have alot of polyester. 

Label of Graded Goods (LOGG) - the preppy label 

Think Ralph Lauren. Apparently the
Swedes are into this.
Or think it will sell well.
I overheard an Asian girl tell her
boyfriend that it was the "Japanese" label. 

Like I said - think Ralph Lauren.

Divided - the black label - "youth"

Just when you thought H&M couldn't get any younger......

Divided - the white label - "youth basics"

The youth label on young basics - slightly cheaper than the black
 Divided due to the simpler nature of the clothes

+ - the plus size label

Unfortunately, most of this was straight up & down tops & peasant tops.
Plus some jeans. Nothing A line. 

Designer collaborations - have their own labels. 

Hopefully we'll see lots of those in due course, starting with Alexander Wang in early November. 

Special promotions 


The youth labels are distinctly cheaper than the main line H&M labels.

I'd say the main line quality (grey & black labels) is roughly equivalent in quality to Zara's TRF label. The mantra "you get what you pay for" is the rule of the day. 

The prices of the labels are roughly in line from most expensive to less expensive in the order listed. 


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