Monday, December 1, 2014

Anna Wintour and her Manolos

Anna Wintour has been largely rotating between two pairs of nude Manolo Blahniks since 1994.

They are created for her feet, coloured to to nude shades complementing her skin tone and are not just leather but snakeskin. 

Manolo Blahnik "Botti" (thick straps)

Manolo Blahnik "Callasli" (thin straps)

Toe escape....

Occasionally she black so she matches the other fashion editors.....

or a double cross over strap (in Marc Jacobs frock). 

Last night, in London, we saw an uber deviation....crystals & pearls...

SIA isnt convinced this version is the most flattering. For any feet. 

But it's Anna & Anna will always have what Anna wants. 

Without a doubt Anna has a closet full of the identical shoes so she rotates and eases the wear on them. She would buy top ups annually. Role model. 

Do you have something you bought multiples of (or at least a duplicate) because it works well? 

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  1. Of course! The latest was a pair of Coach sandals in Las Vegas. I tried on the red and white version and my feet thought they had escaped to bliss. So I also bought the black and white version. The most surprising thing I find in these pictures is that Anna appears to not have a pedicure. I expected a French polish at the very least. Or is it just Australian women that are obsessive about their pedicures?