Thursday, December 11, 2014

Meet Trish: DFSS Woman of Style

Trish popped up in SIA's life as a fellow Dress for Success volunteer. 

She was a newbie volunteer who stood out because of her easy yet chic style. 

Trish in the DFSS office - gotta love the branding

What makes this even more fun was that the dress above is from Target's current summer range. It is $35. That's serious code for style has nothing to do with price. 

The dress is 100% linen and it also comes in a few bright solid colours. However it's this soft cool grey zebra type stripe which SIA has seen on two women in the real world, apart from Trish. Both looked great. 

So did Trish. 

What SIA loved about Trish's look was also the way she used accessories. 

She demonstrates some really sophisticated techniques: 


First she combines some neutral colours (shoes, classic watch, beaded bracelet, wedding ring) with a pop of colour. 

The turquoise pop is fabulously done - one really striking piece (necklace) with two smaller items (ring & earrings).

Nothing competes with the necklace/earrings (which are worn close together & effectively act as one). The neutral accessories dont compete because they are neutral and the other turquoise accessories don't compete because they are small in size. Small but effective.   


Second, all her pieces are so different in their feeling. From classic wedding pieces/ the timepiece to a boho crochet bracelet to a dramatic 80s bauble necklace. Yet they all work together. 


Here is a store photo of the Target frock.
Like I said, I've seen this on two other women on the street & they too wore it well. 

$35 Target SS 2014/15

There's a postscript on this one. 
I saw Trish a few days later at the Dress for Success Garage Sale. So I could take another photo.

Garage Sale Gal
What I thought was fabulous was how she was demonstrating the same style but with different details. 
You see, that's what stylish women do - they understand & demonstrate their style - but always changing the bits within the outfit to keep it fresh, youthful & modern. 

Trish had the same fresh but chic look in a linen smock top (hello Target) & a latte short down to the knee. She picks up one of her best colours (cool blue) around the neckline with the top's embroidery.

Neutral shoes/hat & colour pops in the bracelet, ring & earrings.  Again, notice how one accessory is very strong (bracelet) and the rest, though colourful, are smaller in scale so they don't compete.

When we see someone like Trish work her clothes & accessories in this way, be comforted that she didnt just throw anything on. It all works because it's planned & it suits her. So it looks easy & it's stylish.  

SIA did a major drool over the earrings in this look...

Things to think about:

1. Do you know your style? So even if you can't put words to it, do you find your outfits have a consistency about them and are easy to put together? 

2. Can you recall an age when your look started to demonstrate that consistency? 

3. Are accessories an integral part of your look or an afterthought?  

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