Saturday, May 2, 2015

Woman of style - Soccer mum

SIA popped into Mosura in the Eastwood Centre today. That's where she met today's women of style. 

As you may recall, SIA has a Korean clothes fettish which she has been feeding in Sydney's Eastwood. That's not the cutesy girly pretty Korean loot, rather the clean lined sporty oversize pieces in the vein of Stella or Wang.

SIA took some photos of pieces she liked and this coat was one of them. 

It's a bonded fabric like you see often in the stores these days. Think scuba feeling with a matt surface. 

But unlike most of the current cocoon coats which expand at the belly, this baby was an A line shape. Flattering. 

The edges were raw, enabling SIA to see what a bonded fabric looked like inbetween the inner & outer layers. 
Here is the photo...Ok, so it doesn't show much. What SIA saw was a layer of foam inbetween the black & grey outer layers. Yes, foam. Think Clarke Rubber. 

Then SIA toddled off & had lunch. Then she did another lap.

That's when she noticed a lady trying on her coat, LOL.
So SIA had to go in & talk to her.

The lady was today's woman of style (WOS). 

Here she is with SIA's coat. 

Our WOS was at soccer in the morning - so she is a soccer mum!

Our WOS was wearing Nine West riding style boots, khaki Uniqlo leggings, a taupe fine sweater, a taupe/cream scarf and (the piece de resistance), the Gucci "Lady" bucket bag in the gold (which is actually a duller & more burnt than Hermes orange). Her jewellery was simple but SIA did notice the rose gold ball bangle. 

Gucci bamboo toggles in black - oh so modern

What did SIA like about our WOS's look? 

1. Ah, everything. 
2. The simple styles of her pieces.
3. Her use of solid neutrals - they are all different colours, but tone well beautifully. Then she adds the coat which introduces a new colour (grey), and everything still looks harmonious. 

TIP: Dressing in neutrals means everything goes with everything. It's the cheapest way to dress and at the same time, it looks infinitely classier than colour & prints.

4. Her use of one colour that adds pop to the look & one print just to liven things up a touch. 
5. She is rocking high-low dressing.
6. Everything was in fantastic condition. She may have been on a wet soccer field that morning but you absolutely couldn't tell. She looked pristine.  No scuffs, no hanging threads, no stains.  

Our WOS showed SIA that this is how you hold these bucket bags. Frankly, SIA would believe anything this women said. Sure enough, that was definitely a cool way to show off your bub. 

Our WOS did buy the coat & SIA has a feeling it will work well with everything in her closet. 

Then something happened which SIA lives for. 
Our WOS tells SIA that she is looking for another bag. She has narrowed it down to two and wanted an opinion.

#1 The Bottega Veneta Hobo

#2 The Prada Twin Pocket Tote (I think this is the alternative, if not, hopefully our WOS will read this & correct me)

All I could say to our WOS is the Bottega has an understated luxe factor. Prada is more coveted but also more common. SIA suggested Bottega, but our WOS didnt seem convinced. Which means her heart is going out to the Prada. 

I'll leave you with three questions: 

Do you love our WOS's look? 
Are you a basics girl with a touch of accents? 
And are you team Bottega or team Prada? 

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