Thursday, April 23, 2015

Most women shop out of desperation


The alternative title for this post is “But I want it because it has pockets”


I go to the shops because I need an affordable cosy long line cardi with pockets for around the house. It’s getting cold after all.   

In Target I notice the AW 2015 coatigan version (above in blue) – every colour under the sun in this style. With pockets. Woo Hoo.

I try it on. It fits. The colour is nice. I buy it.

But it’s a disaster. On me.

They eye goes straight down to those pockets and my hips & thighs are the last thing I want to bring attention to.

So why did I buy it? A combination of:

It was affordable
It was functional
It was available & so reasonably on trend
It looked nice on the hanger
It had pockets
It’s late & I needed to buy something otherwise the shopping trip was wasted.

Most importantly though, I was afraid that if I didn’t buy this cardi, I won’t find anything similar within a reasonable amount if time.  

But I have options.

1.    I can buy something more expensive (but on sale) which looks better.

2.    I can buy another style which doesn't have pockets patched at the front. The pockets can be hidden in the side seams or placed vertically.

3.    I can find a colour blocked version where the pockets are almost invisible.


4.    I can hold off until the right thing comes along.

You always have options when you want to avoid having a closet of half baked pieces. If you have even the vaguest doubts, think of your options & pick one. If you can't imagine the possible variations, then go to option #4. Instead of the loot in front of you. 


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