Monday, January 16, 2012

My shoes with cut out heels

Check these little babies out.....they are from the Moschino Fall 2009 range.

Well, last week (2012) I went into Wittner & bought a pair with a similar heel.......ta da....

.......they were reduced to $51 from $ they must have been in the store from mid 2011...interesting time lag from runway to high street.

Time for a Happy Dance

I wore them today & received mixed feedback:

1. Did you get them so cheap because no one else wanted them?
2. Did you get them so cheap because there was a section missing from the heel so they gave you a discount?
3. Is it a combination of a shoe & a shelf for a shoe?
4. They look weird.

Everyone's a comedian, eh?

I love them though - they are comfy & stable & lighten up my look for summer without being sandal-y.

On another note, I grabbed a copy of Wittner's Shoe Care Guide (which is also in their shoe boxes). Its a great guide to looking after your babies.

The three tips listed which I religiously follow are:

1. Rotate: Lengthen the life of your shoes by buying more than one pair and sharing the wear.

2. Moisturise: Use neutral cream to clean & nourish the leather of your babies.

3. Driving: As much as JP Tod's would like us to believe that an expensive driving shoe is appropriate for driving, driving is in fact, a shoe killer - it scuffs & tears leather on the heels and back of the foot. Instead, use a separate pair of shoes for driving to avoid this wear & tear on your much loved babies. I use an old pair that has seen better years.

PS: Apologies if your neck got sore reading the Wittner guide - the photos I took were the right way up, but for some reason the blogger software has posted them sideways.....

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