Sunday, January 22, 2012

Skirt report - Witchery pleated drape pocket skirt

A reader who was unable to access a bricks and mortar store asked me about this skirt - she knew that I had seen it in real life and was considering buying it on line.

The subject

White pleated waist summer skirt with viscose opaque lining and viscose chiffon outer. It has small pleats at waist at front centre and back and the outer fabric overlaps at front allowing opening & creating floaty effect. It was two side pockets which drape over the outer fabric. It has a back invisible zip and is knee length.


David Jones in the Sydney CBD had this skirt in every size on a very crowded reduced rack. I know the skirts had been there for a while. This makes me think that they havent been popular instead of having been replenished.

When something doesnt sell, there is usually a reason why. ..Lets see if we can figure that out - it may help us figure out whether its worth us purchasing it.


White - pale colours reflect light & make things appear larger than they are.

A white skirt will make the bottom half look bigger.

If you are pear shaped - run, fast.

If you are an inverted triangle, try this on - it may help balance you out.

Tummy bulk

The skirt is best for a thin girl - since it has the pleats at the waist band (front & back), they can add bulk. A narrow belt would look great with this skirt. Me? I have a tummy & a half - so I prefer drop waists or flat fronts.

Best top

A top for this is best worn very loose. If you choose to wear a top fitted, then wear it no longer than the waist - any longer, the top will wrinkle over the draped pockets. The fitted top will almost have a Mad Men type of look.

Snags, pulls?

Now, here is the one that surprised me.............I checked all the skirts at DJs and not one had any pulls or snags. Considering the delicate outer fabric, that was great going. My experience is that fabrics that pull will start pulling in a store and of that hasnt happened after a few weeks, then the fabric is quite durable.


From $149.95 to $79.95


Worth trying on.

But if you look at yourself in the mirror and dont absolutely LOVE the way it looks on you, then walk away, IMMEDIATELY.

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