Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pinky - red lippy - reader request

A lovely reader asked for a lipstick match to Camilla Belle's lippy in the following photo. Given that Camilla does not use a stylist, the chances of getting the name of the brand/colour are quite remote. The only possibility is if this photo turns up on a magazine cover and they credit the cosmetics used - again, very remote. So I set out to try and find some matches for our reader.

Mr Sabotage

Boy oh boy, did I learn a few things - I learnt that this project could be sabotaged by the following:
- real life colours vary with monitor colour differences like Amazon etc - a lippy will vary in colour depending on internal and external lighting - a lippy will vary in colour depending on skin pigment differences - the lippies I swiped on paper look different to the colour they show on skin - there are a gazillion brands out there which I have not tested.

Short list of nine lippies

I went to the local Kmart & checked out all the lipsticks in the brands Revlon, Maybelline, L'Oreal, Rimmel and Covergirl.
I came up with a short list of colours, as follows:

1. Covergirl Lipstain Outlast, Everbloom Kiss 400

2. Revlon Colourstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick Premium Pink 010

3. Revlon Colourburst Lipgloss Lipshine Bordeaux 016

4. Maybelline Colour Sensational Gloss, Hooked on Pink 065

5. L'Oreal Colour Riche Cassis Passion 376

6. L'Oreal Colour Riche Rose Creme 453

7. Rimmel Lasting Finish Hear Breaker 016

8. Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Rossetto 60

9. Covergirl Outlast Double Lipshine, Antique Rose, 220

Then I swiped those colours on paper, from left to right, in the same order as my short list.

Note though, Mr Sabotage has made all these more browny than they are in real life.

Here is another photo of the swiped lippies - taken at a 90 degree different angle at the same time of the afternoon. Amazing how different this looks - most of the lippies look more browny than the above photo & far more browny than real life.

Short list of four lippies

Then I eliminated a few of those colours based on a second view of the tubes and the swipes....to arrive at a final short list of:

Covergirl Outlast Double Lipshine, Antique Rose, 220 (my #9)
Covergirl Lipstain Outlast, Everbloom Kiss 400 (my #1) (love stains to lock in the colour)
Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Rossetto 60 (my #8)
Revlon Colourburst Lipgloss Lipshine Bordeaux 016 (my #3)

My preference is, well I like all four actually, but perhaps the Covergirl is the best match. Seriously I couldnt swear that in stone - the only way to do any justice to this properly, is to try all the four lippies on the actual lips of the person who wants the lippy.

I slicked the Covergirl on my hand, raced out of Kmart and drove home, trying not to touch the back of my hand with anything (any idea how hard that is? hahaha)...at home I pounced on the camera before it went dark & came up with some outdoor photos.....

Note by this time the Covergirl had started drying up - thats why it looks a bit funny...

Photo 1: In this one it looks too corally - it isnt like that in real life....

Photo 2: This looks realistic

Photo 3: Another photo - realistic

Photo 4: Another one, also realistic

Web research

By the way, the other thing I did was look these up on the web - some of them looked very different to the real life lippy I saw today, so computer monitors can be working hand in hand with Mr Sabotage.
Another reason for the reader to do the testing in real life.


I hope this post helps my dear reader, however please take my advice that the best way to really do this is by going out and trying lippies and then trying more lippies and more again. After all, there are so many brands that I havent tested, let alone the impact of Mr Sabotage on the selection process.

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