Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Critique of the Dita lingerie collection at Target

The Von Follies by Dita Von Teese lingerie collection hit the Australian Target stores today.
So when I was doing my groceries, I made a detour to the scene, as you do.

Available both on line & in stores, but like all ranges some pieces are not available in the smaller stores.

The range consists of about 5 sets with a nice selection of bra styles and brief styles.


The standard sizing seems to be:
Bras: 10-14 & cup size B - E (with Ds going to "DD")

Knickers: 8 -16

Some styles are made in a fuller figure size range.

The fuller figure sizing seems to be:

Bras: 16 - 20 & cup size C - E (with Ds going up to "DD")
Knickers: 12 - 20


Knickers around $20
Bras around low $30s - approx $37.

There are also garter belts & full body corsets - my Target didnt have any of these though.

Garter prices are approx $30s

Full body corsets were $65 & $120. Wouldn't have thought there would be such a price difference.....go figure.....

My opinion on this collection

Some bras have very non stretchy fabric in their straps at the front - due to threaded lace in that part of the bra or fabric that just doesnt have alot of stretch in the direction it is sewn. My experience with this type of bra is they may suffer slippage while you are wearing them.

All the bras have metal circle thingeys & "D" rings. Frankly I prefer plastic because I soak my lingerie & the metal ones will rust over time (yes I sometimes forget to remove them from the soaking for a few days).

The elastics are not of good quality IMO. This is unfortunate, since once the elastic goes, its bye bye lingerie.

The lace is of good quality - even though I know its not, it looks like a French chantilly lace. Good work.

Good numbers of knickers with good tummy & bum coverage. Caters for real women.

The gorgeous fabrics and laces at the front of the bras dont go around all the way to the back (yes, I have been spoilt by Italian lingerie, La Perla)...the fabrics and laces at the front finish at the sides of the body & a plainer lace starts & works its way around your back.

The online site is

Interestingly, quite a few of the E bras have already been sold out on line.

Run, dont walk.

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  1. I would love to model this lingerie for you while reading gorgeous fashion magazines.