Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Very large feet? Very small feet? Read on....


If you have very large or very small feet, there is no point in whinging that the high street doesnt make your size. All it does is cause wrinkles on your pretty little face.

If you do a google search, you will find many many shoes makers which cater for you, as well as doing custom made shoes.

The only one I have had experience with is Andrew McDonald in Paddington - great experience.

What about the price?

You have to be prepared to pay more - its as simple as that.

This is one of those inevitable "throw some money at the problem" situations.

But here's the upside......

These shoes are made better than the shoes on the high street. So if you take care of them and store them well they will last you longer and you will get your money's worth.

What does taking care of shoes mean?

Not wearing them in the rain - ever.

Not wearing them while driving - you will scuff the heels and toes.

Putting soles/heels on them before they are required, in fact, see if the maker can do these as part of the finished product. [I get this done as soon as I buy my shoes - I save them up in tens, the boot maker does them in one go & gives me a bulk rate]

Massaging a neutral shoe cream regularly to keep the leather supple. Most high street stores that sell shoes have this, ditto shoe repair places like Mister Minit.

Using a boot polish to get rid of scuffs as soon as they appear and not after the scuffs have become deep.

Store shoes with shoe stuffing so they dont get out of shape. I find shoe trees are expensive so I make sure the shoes have their original stuffing when I buy them - the sales girls think I am a bit nutty asking this until I explain why I need it.

NEVER wear the same pair two days in a row. Leather needs time to rest between wearings & for the moisture to evaporate & the leather to get back to shape. If you have two pairs for work, alternate and they will last you way longer than if you didnt.

Store them so they dont get dusty - Carrie Bradshaw type shoe racks may look wonderful, but the best thing for the shoes is to place them in their original boxes.

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