Friday, March 8, 2013

Trenchcoat style

The trenchcoat is no longer just beige and its certainly not boring. 

In the mild Australian climate it's the perfect topper for eleven out of twelve months of the year.

Take a look at some of the options....

Pastel power

As a sculptured dress

As a floral garden

For the magpies

More magpie trenches at Burberry SS 2013

Animal trench

Ombre trench at Burberry SS 2013

Bright & oversized, but only for tall people!

Bright with neutral accents (including buttons)

Bright in leather, Burberry AW 2013

Bright with a full skirt

Checkerboard trench

Piped in a bright

Piped in a classic white

Wear it open & belted for a sectioning (read: slimming) effect

Biker trench

Gone dotty trench

Textured and outdoorsy

The cape trench - aka the baby trench

The classic trench looks cool with animal, a hot bag & the belt tied in a knot

Are you ready to get in the trenches?


  1. I just read your blog, love it! love that you are local, you give great info and advice. Thanks, I'll definitely keep reading.

  2. Hi - love this post on trenches - think your blog is really inspiring and full of interest. I'll definitely keep reading! sbd.