Sunday, March 3, 2013

Trinket storage - English bone china

As I have grown up in front of your eyes (hahaha), you have seem me go through various obsessions.

You may recall artificial flowers, cushions, 1,000 TC bed linen and now I have a new one. 

English bone china.

The double benefit with this one is that it looks pretty & can also be used to store my pretty trinkets. 

I have two tall boys which have numerous of these trinket containers & I rotate them around depending on the mood. 

Here are the latest ones on show....

I love how the large one has the flowers all the way to the edge with no border.

a better view of the baby cup - notice the 3D painted dots....

the little one in front has the picture on the inside
& I dont want to scratch it, so I leave it as is.
The large round dish is a Limoges Paris, the others are English. 

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