Monday, September 9, 2013

10 Ways YOU can wear NYFW SS 2014 streetwear

The ordinary person on the street has been heard to say that runways are too fashion forward for streetwear. Yes, they are. That's why its runway fashion. 

With the advent of bloggers, it seems that fashion week streetwear is also far more fashion forward than in the old days. 

So I collected some photos of New York Fashion Week SS 2014 which you may find to be quite "normal".

Its not to say that every part of the ensemble is "normal". In fact, you will see in nearly every photo there is some element of (mild) fashion shutzpah (aka edge) & its often in the accessories - a bright accent, a fab shoe or bag or an interesting piece of jewellery. Accessories are removable. Easily.

So if you want to de-shutzpah or normalise the outfit, simply change to a more low key accessory. With small tweaks (rather than major overhauls), the STYLES in these photos can translate to ordinary people clothes in real life. 

Obviously not every tweaked style will be wearable for every body shape and size. Further, there are lifestyle factors to take into account.  

But the basics of these ensembles will give you a good idea about styling something in your wardrobe plus or minus the fashion shutzpah! 

1. The bright coloured shift

This is a really bad fit on the shoulders - but its Fashion Week - so who cares!

Too much for you? Raise the hem - its an instant normaliser!

2. The print dress 

This is Carolina Herrera with a Hermes Kelly.
But the velvet shoes are also what gives ut fashion shutzpah!

Simple lines with a print that nails print mixing.

Black & navy look terrific together.
Technically, the bag is too large for this lady -
you can normalise the outfit with a smaller bag
& add even more normality with a neutral bag.

3. The neutral shift

You can normalise this with a more classic shoe - a pump!

A fitted and structured LBD will never date.
Normalise this with a higher neckline.

4. The trench coat

As a dress. Normalise this as a coat.

A short sleeve trench in white acts as a top. 

5. Dark pants

Cropped & leather.
 Normalise this with a full length in a wool or cotton. 

Camo & white stilettos. Normalise this by swapping
for black pumps or flats.

6. Other pants including trendy (bit not too trendy) pants

7. Jeans

Double denim & animal pumps

8. Skirts

Normalise this by swapping the bootie for a pump.

The bootie is the really edgy part of this ensemble - so normalise with a pump or a sandal.

9. A jumpsuit

The key here for "normal" people is a tailored style
that's cut like a classic top/pants.

10. A maxi

The trendy aspect is the bright print.
Normalise this by toning down the colour or wearing it in a solid,

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