Saturday, September 14, 2013

10 Ways with menswear at NYFW SS 2014

The moral of this post seems to be remove the socks.
And if you're game, add colour & print. 

1. Minimalist

2. Breton forever

Funky braces forever, coloured runners forever
& plaid shirt around waist forever

3. Chambray shirt & jeans

4. Corporate slick

Because no matter how many fashiony types there are,
 there is always someone running the joint

5. Relaxed corporate

Tie? Loosely tied
Socks? leave at home

Ties and socks optional for these guys

6. Fashioning up the sports jacket

Confidence city!

Quietly confident!

Those slipper loafers make this look

Where do we start? The scarf, the untucked tee,
faded jeans & treking boots.

Grey tones jzooshed up with animal bag & suede loafers.
Sans socks.

7. Whimsical touch

Everything here is corporate
perfection - except the jacket.
Welcome to fashion. 

8. All over (non neutral) colour
Aubergine seems to be the one for night.

Aubergine for day.
9. 100% fashion plate

Note: I dont approve of the scuffed shoe tips.
Bad form for a fashion type who isnt doing deliberate grunge. 

Salmon & drop crotch

His smile is as beautiful as his pants

LOUD jacket, LOUD shoes

10. Its all about the shoes

Exotic skin taken back to the belt

Exotic skin taken back to the belt & sunglasses.

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