Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cheap pants make you look cheap

Style into Action loves buying cheap.
Style into Action hates buying anything that looks cheap. 

Absolutely - there is no other way to get this message out to the typical Australian woman.

Let's look at pants. 

The pink pants below, are cheap. They are from asos.
Quite aside from their bad fit, they unfortunately look cheap.

See the rippled seams, inside & outside of the legs?
See the uneven leg lengths?

Cheap clothing sends a messages to the world that you are happy to compromise on your look and yourself. They say: I am not worthy.

Is that the message you want to send about yourself?

On the other hand, the following pants are not cheap (around $300) but they have the beautiful advantage of looking perfect. They may the wearer's image look perfect, classy & totally respectable. 

See how the seams are flat, smooth? 
See how a centre press adds class? 

in a fine summer wool

in a cotton/elastene

I searched celebrity photos for expensive looking pants.
At a moment's notice, I found Jessica Alba in a Fendi pair.
Yes, uber expensive, but uber classy.

in Fendi

Michael Kors sweater
Fendi pants

Dont worry about the few ripples on her inner right leg - its a stance thing rather than a fit or quality thing. 


So I know you're all going to jump on me & say "I cant afford Fendi pants!"

Great, neither can I. Even when they are on sale!

The key here is to buy the best quality you an afford.
Look for sales by all means, but dont buy driven by price - buy driven by quality. The moment you start buying on price at sales (eg: what a bargain, its sooo chap etc), you are compromising on quality.

But most Australian women are too busy buying volume rather than quality. This is especially in 2013 when fast fashion (Topshop, Zara etc) are taking over our retail landscape. So they will buy three pairs of pants over the summer rather than one pair of great quality pants. 

The problem with three pairs of average quality is that not only so they look sub standard, but they wear badly. Which makes them look even worse.

What makes it worse, is that in Australia, women are not taught to refresh & update - they tend to replace when its too late. In the mean time, their image suffers. Badly. 

What they dont realise, is that once you factor in the replacement costs, it generally costs more than if you had purchased quality in the first place. 

Cue: I am not worthy. 

You're also going to jump on me & say "I prefer volume & variety." I hear this from the younger set all the time.

Ok - terrific. Stick with it. I am not telling you to change what you are doing. I am merely telling you the impression you are giving by what you are doing. Cue: I am not worthy. 

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