Sunday, December 1, 2013

A million ways to tie a Camilla kaftan

The scene is Chatswood Chase on a busy Saturday.
SIA visits her usual haunts (DJs, Entity, Witchery, the newsagent, Bijoux, Trenery, Country Road) then is looking around for a cafe to have a cuppa.

Then she notices an explosion of colour and print. 
Its a store almost tucked away in a corner near DJs.
Its a Camilla store.

We were talking about Camilla on the Style into Action Facebook page during the week, so it was mandatory to check it out in detail. For research purposes of course.

The store is a lifestyle store - all collections, accessories, the whole lot. It started life as a pop up store. The intention is to move to better digs asap. 

A lady was buying a zebra stripe Round Neck Kaftan with its colour & bling concentrated around the neckline. Here it is at the Aussie Mercedes Benz SS 2013/14 Fashion week in April 2013

Camilla Animalia Round Neck Kaftan

Style into Action tends to be a neutral girl & loves black/navy & not too much colour. If any kaftan is likely to appeal to her, this is it. 

In the mean time, SIA is browsing & keeping an ear on the conversation where the SA is talking to the client about ways to wear the kaftan. The good thing about this is that SIA doesnt miss a beat and can report everything back to her readers. The questionable thing is that SIA is incredibly nosy. No apologies. its all in the name of research. 

In the blink of an eye, the SA, Kristen (I hope I have their names the right way around) has popped the round neck kaftan on (from the rack, not the customer's one) & it wasnt a round neck anymore. It was strapless & tied at the back. Very cool trick. But it was real. Not a trick.

When the client left with her new kaftan, the SAs, Kristen & Charlotte (SATC parallel universe in a Camilla store) are happy to chat. 

About the versatility of Camilla Kaftans.

Here is the You Tube video with 12 ways to tie the Round Neck Kaftan.

Next we talk about the Drawstring Kaftan. 

Speaking of the drawstring, both the SAs, Kirsten & Charlotte are wearing it. Different print but identical piece. 

Notice the knots close to the hem of Charlotte's Chuspa kaftan? SIA loves this detail.

Kristen (left) is wearing the Bamboo Avenue print. Its tucked into her knickers.
Charlotte is wearing her kaftan backwards. 

Then you ask them to change their ties & show me a different look....about 20 seconds later, here are the results:

Charlotte has her kaftan tied into her bra and she
is still wearing it backwards. Too funny!

Kristen's kaftan is knotted at the lower back. 

The girls are gorgeous - terrific brand ambassadors.

In case you're wondering, the tassel earrings worn by Kristen are $20.

Finally here is the video with about a million ways to tie the Drawstring Kaftan.

Camilla's kaftans are not cheap. But you get what you pay for. Silk, amazing prints & colours, Swarovski crystals and clever clever ways to tie. 

Of course, the store has more than just kaftans. A whole range of pieces including jumpsuits, jackets, tops, bottoms and many styles of the kaftans.

There is even a diffusion range, Beachhouse. It has a similar feel with less bling and its fabrics arent silk. So its more affordable and yet still Camilla-esque. SIA approves. 

SIA also approves of the carpets (with Designer Rugs - samples on the bottom right of the photos), the accessories. Heck, SIA approves of everything. This is one smart & beautiful brand.

FInally SIA approves of the fact that Camilla has carved out a niche for herself and is one of the few Australian designers who is original. 

You really have to go to a Camilla lifestyle store to appreciate the breadth of what she does. Really gorgeous stuff.  

A huge thank you to both Kristen and Charlotte for being terrific sports modelling their kaftans as well as being super helpful with all my questions. I hope I have your names the right way round. If not, I am so mesmerised by your product, that I got confused. Apologies lovelies. 

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