Sunday, December 15, 2013

10 Ways with the Half Tuck Top

1. Classic white shirt

2. Flirty print & skirt

3. With a pencil skirt

4. Grunge & checks

This one isnt for petites.

5. Leather jacket with a tee

6. Dress down a classic blazer

7. With a vest

8. Chambray loves the half tuck

Love the belt twist here.

8. Silky shirt/blouse


9. A gentle half tuck

Best with a fitted tee

10. Loose & free

Dries Van Noten, Paris, SS 2011


For most real life (non model) bodies, the half tuck is best done as a quarter tuck that starts just past your centre-front and ends just past your side-back. 

Why? Because most bodies are not symmetrical & if you place the half tuck symmetrically over your front, it will emphasise your imperfectness. 

Its a terrific way to hide excess tummy because the folds take the eye's attention so the tummy doesnt get noticed.

Leaving the back out is a great way to hide a big bum too.

Trim tummies can get away with a full front tuck. 

Even though, the half tuck is a very casual look, its not deliberately sloppy. The best way to do the half tuck is to firstly fully tuck in the top & secondly, pull out the bits you want to leave out. 

If you are wearing a belt, bring the excess belt end downwards and let it show by half tucking the same side of your body (see photo #8). 

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