Friday, January 3, 2014

10 Ways with Runners

1. The 80s

Alison Brahe - mid 80s

2. The unflattering look

A vertical clothing ratio of 50:50 makes you look dowdy.
Add the sneakers & the impact multiplies.

- Sneans

- Just threw them on without thinking....

3. A blazer elevates the look

4. Sweater or a tee

Studs rule!

5. The longer hem

6. Easy breezy shirt

- Chambray

- Chambray speaks khaki well

- Printed & pretty

- Crisp white

- 90s plaid

7. Pastel love

8. Dramatic & directional

Look at the zips - very cool

9. Leather & shorts 

10. Evening


1. It's never about the shoes you wear at the gym. These are always fashion shoes even though you bought them at the sports store. Or Isabel Marant.

2. Dark colours tend to say grunge.
White tends to say fresh.
Colours say youthful & fun. 

3. Interchange the laces to add variety

4. Plimsolls (canvas upper, rubber sole) can add variety at a cheaper price but at the high street level have terrible cushioning.  Plimsolls now come in leather & prints too. 

5. Some brands cut wide, so if you have a narrow foot, avoid, no matter how pretty. Blisters are not pretty.

6. Never wear visible socks unless you are 12 years old, a supermodel or timewarped from 1985.

7. Try many pairs to get your feet around different styles. Consider:
- high top v low cut;
- wedge v flattie;
- horizontal seams for long feet;
- obviously colour & general style. 

8. If you're young & gorgeous, then anything goes.

9. If you normal like the rest of us:
- show your legs only if they're good;
- a blazer elevates the look far more than tops, sweaters & shirts;
-avoid the midi - it may be in fashion but its not flattering; add a flat shoe & it gets really dangerous on the eye. 

10. Keep them clean
Even dirty soles will take away from your look.

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