Tuesday, January 21, 2014

10 Ways with a White Tee

 1. Suit

2. Dark bottoms

3. Overcoat

4. Maxi skirt

Love the rose belt here. 

5. A coloured bottom

Tribal prints will be all the rage this coming season

6. Shorts

7. Separates


8. Jeans

9. White on white

10. Logo


1. Know your best shade of white (stark, off-white, cream)
2. Know your best neckline (crew, vee, scoop, collar)
3. Know you best length 
4. Consider the half tuck
5. Know your best fabrics - with body or soft/clingy
6. Know your best width - loose or fitted
7. Dont be afraid of trim - sequins, logos, ruffles, raw edges
8. Avoid flimsy fabrics if you have a full waist or a muffin
9. To avoid looking too relaxed (code for I dont care about myself), always carry a sharp bag & shoe. 
10. Make sure you keep them white with a good regular soaking product but after a while they will need replacing.
10. If in doubt, read TIP# 9 first.

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