Sunday, April 19, 2015

Style is not about money

Negative Nelly reminds me that this look costs a lot of money. Often Negative Nelly doesn’t know the brands featured but she assumes they cost a lot of money. Negative Nelly says she cant achieve this look as she doesn’t have the money for designer duds. Negative Nelly also claims that she doesn't have the time to achieve this look. 

This look has nothing to do with money.

I’ll repeat that. Because it’s important.

This look has nothing to do with money.

So what does this look have to do with?

To name a few qualities,  

Attention to detail
Meticulous maintenance
Good grooming including hair colour & style
Intimate knowledge of one’s style preferences, body shape & colouring
Perfect fit
Perfectly invisible foundation garments
Not paying attention to trends (unless they speak to you)
Quality over quantity
Head to toe consistency

I won’t go on about simplicity because that’s about personal preference.
Whether you are into “more is more” or “less is more”, the outcome will be just as chic, as long as you "get" the above list.  

You can do this look at any price point and exude the same image, style, look.

However you do need to invest time to make it happen and that means making your image a priority. If you choose not to make your image a priority, that's OK  too - different folks, different strokes but don't Negative Nelly me simply because it's not your priority.

By the way, the bag & shoes are Valentino and I am sure the dress is reasonably expensive too.

So yes, the individual items may be expensive, but I will insist til the day I go to the grave that this look has nothing to do with money.


If not, I’d especially love to hear your reply. 


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    1. Thanks for chiming in Shahin.

    2. Hi. Is your benetton bag still for sale? Pls email me..