Friday, October 19, 2012

Buy, Keep, Store: Trends in the Statement Necklace

As far as accessories go, we keep hearing about the wow factor of a statement necklace. Very 2012. And it is. As long as you know the trends for statement necklaces.

Now is the time to BUY:

Museum worthy metal breastplates. 
The more bling and surface area, the better.

Chanel vintage

Etro AW 2012/13

Now is the time to KEEP:

Pendant necklaces

Lanvin AW 2012/13

Now is the time to STORE:

Layered chains (even if they are Chanel...)

Givenchy AW 2012/13

Rule #1: At the end of the day, even though there will always be trends in everything, if you wear what you LOVE & FEEL COMFORTABLE IN (irrespective of the trends), you can get away with anything.

Rule #2: See rule #1.

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