Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jeans - an easy tip for best fit

I have ranted previously (many times) that each size of an "off the rack" garment has to fit a gazillion different body shapes.

So it is unlikely that ANY "off the rack" item will fit you perfectly or even pretty well up front.

This will be the case for everything from swimwear to jeans to tops, bottoms and dresses.

Two solutions come to mind:

1. Hone in on the brands which cut for your shape.
2. Make your alterations person your new BFF.

Let's take the alterations solution and focus on jeans.

When you are buying jeans you need to consider many things:

- wash/print,
- leg length
- in seam length
- waist size
- crotch length - the "rise"
- pocket placement especially on the butt
- thigh width
- hem width

Am I scaring you?
I sincerely hope so.

All this means is that you have to spend time hunting down the jeans that fit you well.

After all, NO Pain, NO Gain.

Now let's focus on one aspect of jeans fit - the waist.

One of the commonest complaints about jeans fit is that the waist is too big & gapes at the back. ie: It doesnt follow your curves. Everywhere else, the fit is perfect.

If this is the only problem with the jeans), except maybe for leg length), there is an easy $10 ALTERATION which I want you to ask for.

Instead of unpicking the waist band & bringing in the centre back seam (a pretty big & costly job) - you ask for two darts to be placed on the back waist band & sewn flat.

The two darts should be on either side of the centre back seam.

Make sure they dont cut any fabric off - a good alterations place will be able to sew this dart FLAT without cutting off any fabric.


Instant waisted curvy look.

What's the story behind this photo?

A couple of years ago I was looking for white jeans that werent super low nor super high waisted. 

I found that the Jane Lamerton white jeans fit me well except for this waist problem. So I bought two pairs (as you do when something fits well, hahaha) and had this alteration done.

I ended up wearing them to death (so to speak)....

Recently I unearthed them & tried them on - oops, a size (or two) too small now. But I unpicked one of their waist bands to see if that would help.....

Silly me, of course it didnt really help. 

But at least now they are back to original, I can sell them on ebay without the always tricky "have been altered" being included in the listing.

DONT FORGET: Jeans waist band too big?
Get 2 darts sewn in the back.
It'll cost you $10.
Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

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