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Tips for building a resort wardrobe

Readers have recently asked about resort dressing.

There are three things to remember when building a resort wardrobe:

1. Buy natural fibres (linen, cotton preferred); or

2. Buy loose & flowy styles; &
3. No surprises - stick to items that have worked for you. Since you'll be living out of a suitcase, now is not the time to try something new (which may not work like your old faithfulls). Know thyself applies more here than ever before. 

Think about what look/style you want to portray, then dress accordingly. There are four main resort looks to think about:

1. Dramatic - bold clashing colours, scarf prints, geometric patterns, bold accessories with gold/silver. The most glamorous of the resort looks. Think Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Escada, Pucci & Dolce & Gabbana.


Locally, Charlie Brown does this look brilliantly at reasonable prices. She also has outlet stores for a better price. 

Charlie Brown

Zimmerman tends to this style too.
Camilla's kaftan's are also good for this look - but pricey.

2. Bohemian - floral or fauna prints, earthy colours, beads, full skirts, handkerchief hems. Think Isabel Marant. Locally Tree of Life, Tigerlily, Lee Matthews, Little Joe, Megan Park, sass & bide, Fossil, Easton Pearson, Zimmerman, Collette by Collette Dinnigan  and all the denim stores do this well.

Think about taking a maxi dress

Think about taking a tunic style top

Think about taking a sarong that can be used as a skirt.

3. Smart city inspired separates - preppy or tailored, a jacket with neat tops, fitted cardigans, smart walk shorts or a tailored pant. Includes the nautical look. Corporate girls may already have alot of this - now is the time to wear the suits as separates - shop your closet. Think Ralph Lauren. 

Locally, Sussan (for their linens), Esprit, Veronika Maine, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Ted Baker, Yarra Trail, Ben Sherman, Ping Pong & Witchery are all good brands for this look.

Sussan's linens are perfect for a resort wardrobe

Some examples of the city inspired look.

4. Loose flowy with neutral colours - best in linen, but also in soft cotton. 
The pieces here are tunic style tops and dresses, long line shirts worn alone or as jackets and palazzo pants. Probably the hardest category to find at an affordable price. 

Locally, good brands for this are Akira (pricey), Resort Report, Hammock & Vine, Mela Purdie and Verge (NZ).


Hammock & Vine SS 2012/13

Hammock & Vine SS 2012/13

Hammock & Vine SS 2012/13

Hammock & Vine SS 2012/13

Resort Report - SS 2012/13

Resort Report 2012/13
Mela Purdie SS 2012/13

Mela Purdie SS 2012/13

Some tips for resort dressing:

1. Try to stick to two base colours for your clothes and add interest & colour with accessories. This is the easiest way for everythng to mix & match, hence you will save space by taking fewer pieces.

2. Make sure you have one evening outfit - good bets are a little black dress or a printed maxi. Glam them up with lots of bling. Go for as much costume bling as possible, so you dont have to worry about security for the bling.

3. For evening, flat jewelled sandals work well. Leave your heels at home.

4. An espadrille wedge is always a great idea for daywear when you need something dressier than a sneaker or flip flops.

5. Multiple coloured Havaianas work well for daywear & take up minimal space in your bag.

6. Get a pedicure before you leave for the trip.

7. Take a warm wrap for the trip - pashinas are perfect. They act as blankets or as cover ups.

8. Take a chiffon shawl for the evening cover up. If you need more, and you didnt bring a cardi, use your partner's jacket on the night. 

9. Apart from the above brands, stores like Target, Big W, Zara & Topshop carry all the above styles to some extent. 

10. Check for any religious or cultural dress requirements applicable to your destination.

11. You must sit down ahead of the trip & plan outfits for each day & evening event. That will allow you to edit down the items you take to the absolute minimum. Trial each outfit in front of a full length mirror at least a few days before you leave - so you have time to make changes & do any final maintenance (spot removal, loose hems, missing buttons etc).

12. For day wear, try to go for a larger bag than you would wear when at home. You'll find you are more likely to fill it than when you are at home.

13. Have a good time & bring me back a pressie

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