Tuesday, November 26, 2013

10 Ways with a Shirt Around your Waist

1. Add a kick ass jacket

2. Add a bomber jacket

- or tie the bomber on your waist

3. Add a sweatshirt

Note the camo shirt with the graphic sweat. Totally modern.

4. Turn it girly

-add a pastel

- add broderie

- add flowers

See how easy it is to mix prints?

5. Go sheer in heels

6. A dark base with small touches of colour 
flatters most shapes

7. Add a skirt or a dress

8. Add a onesie

9. Add leather

A leather jacket around your hips is only for the small hipped.

Add colour to liven it up. 
Nod to the 90s grunge look. 

10. Add a white tee

A couple of TIPS:
Big hips? 

1. Keep the clothes around the waist/hips fine not bulky
2. Reduce the contrast levels around your hips
3. Tie the shirt so its slightly off centre
4. Wear heels

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