Friday, November 29, 2013

Four common ladies suit bloopers

On the way to the city yesterday, I shared a bus with a lady in a dark skirt suit. It was the middle of the day, the bus was almost empty & everyone had lots of room to relax.

The lady looked around mid 30s and she was petite. I'd estimate she was a size 10. 

The suit was high street it could have been Basque (Myer) or Country Road for example. It was a wool blend but it would have stood up to an interview in a conservative office. 

I especially liked that the jacket and skirt fit her nicely through the body. No pulling, no smiling skirt lines, knee length. Totally conservative office appropriate. So far, so good.

Then I got bored. It was a bus trip after all. I looked at the rest of her. That's where the love stopped.

The shoes

Here is a photo of her shoes.

Not only are they scuffed, they are ripped & torn in many places. The heels are worn completely. They look like she doesnt care about her image. 

Note also when I looked at these from a distance the issues werent as visible. That doesnt make them OK. When you interact with people, unless its on the telephone, they will notice. 

Next - the cuffs

When you are sitting at a desk, in a meeting (or an interview!), your cuffs are super visible. 
Look at this lady's cuffs. 

The cuffs have been turned back about 5 cm to reveal a pale pink lining. 

Firstly, in an interview situation, I wouldnt want to reveal any contrast lining. Turned back or otherwise. All the contrast does is bring attention to the clothes. Bringing attention to the clothes distracts from the message you are sending that you are competent & capable. 

In a day to day job situation, this looks says: "I have short arms and I cant be bothered to shorten my sleeves professionally." Even if the lining is ironed, is this the impression you want to give?

The scrunched rolled sleeves we see the bloggers wearing is a casual look. Totally OK in that context. In the office when its not casual Friday, no. 

The boobage

Next......notice the boobage?

At some angles, the boobage wasnt apparent. But from where I was sitting, it was all I could see. If its all I can see, its going to be all your colleagues can see. Is this the impression you want to give?

Even if you work in a casual or creative office, this will detract from your level of professionalism, credibility & respect. 

Plus, dont forget to bend over in the change room to make sure you see all potential boobage in addition to the front-on views. 

At this point, I realised I was getting close inappropriate behaviour. So I stopped taking photos. 

But there was one more thing to mention. 


The lady was wearing a pierced earring with a couple of adjacent diamonds sitting on her ear. They were set in white gold. She was also wearing a fine chain with a pearl pendant. The chain was matt gold, the pearl was set in matt gold and the pearl was creamy, not white. This may not appear to be a hanging offence, but it detracted from a harmonious look. 


The ears were in the cool tones & the neck was in the warm tones. 

I know some of you will yell at me about it being 2013 and it being OK to mix metals. I agree. Its OK - as long as you are dressing casually AND its appropriate.  

In this case, where business attire meets fine jewellery - keep your metals harmonious not clashing. 

I hope this post has given you something to think about. 
By all means, if you disagree, I'd love to have a chat about it. 


  1. Oh my lordy, where do I start with those shoes. And I agree - boobage is not office attire. Please keep them out of sight. xMrs T

  2. Agree with your comments, and perhaps a dry cleaning of the suit wouldn't go astray either? Nice suit/shoes, nonetheless :)