Friday, November 1, 2013

10 Ways to wear a white skirt

  1. With a Chanel jacket


2. In tulle

3. The maxi

 4. The pencil

Modern with a sweater & patches

Texture, texture & more texture

5. With ruffles

6. Flirty

Notice how the skirt may be super short, but everything else is modest. 

The tulip style is terrific for large hips. 

 7. Broderie anglaise

Dress it up with a tuxedo jacket

8. With pleats

Modernise the pleated skirt with men's brogue style shoes

9. With ethnic or tribal influence

10. Knee length classic

Knit skirt, tweed jacket, scrunched boots. What's not to love?

PS: The over exposed skirt
If you have this style flog it. It is so over exposed,
you wont want to wear it next season. 

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