Thursday, November 14, 2013

Veronika Maine v Target - cocoon dress

You know how normally your eye zooms in on the most expensive stuff?

Well this time, I stepped back & realised the more expensive item wasnt quite right. 

Here it is - the cocoon dress on the left, at Veronika Maine. 

Only the city stores received it but it wasnt made clear up front...the deliveries were received on waiting, waiting, the time I did the ringaround on Thursday, to be told its almost sold out, I squeezed my size 14 butt into a size 6. LOL. There was plenty of room around the butt - it was the shoulders that were too tight. 

I decided it wasnt right, even if I had my size.
It was a poly viscose microfibre but it was somewhat thin & the seams were very narrow. It just didnt fall as fabulously as i wanted. I think it was $199.

Two days later, I was strolling through Target. As you do. Love that place. I saw this baby. 

Its a black jersey singlet style dress underneath, with a light poly black later over the top with massive armholes that fall in ripples at your sides. Its all sewn as one piece. It was $49.

It is the first cousin of the blue & white number that I bought from Target previously.....very similar styling, its just that a girl can always use a black version of anything she buys in a colour. 

I am not saying the Target & The Veronica are identical - but their styling is similar.......

Veronika Maine realised they were onto a winner (just not with me) and have recut the cocoon dress in citrine....

Its $199. The interesting thing is that its 100% viscose (read: cheap fabric). While I havent felt the fabric, if I thought the microfibre black lacked body, then this one will be softer still. 

This is how the high street makes money folks. They re-cut popular designs using more affordable components, then they sell on volume. Sometimes they even reduce the price. Not in this case. 

Turns out that they are re-cutting it again for a January drop, in black & in a print. I asked about the fabric for the upcoming black one and the reply was "a soft viscose much like the earlier black one"... I am not sure whether that means more like the yellow viscose or more like the black poly-viscose....

So what body types do these dresses suit?

Large hips 
The Target version has a lower neckline which can work better with larger busts. 
& of course, the hourglass.

Definitely worth trying on.

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